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4 Ways To Pair Email With Your Other Ad Strategies

Most marketers already know email can be an effective strategy on its own, especially to nurture leads and strengthen buyer and seller relationships. It’s a fantastic tool to reach more than 4.03 billion email users, especially since it yields an average return of $42 for every $1 spent on email marketing. 

What many have yet to realize is email yields better results as part of a combined strategy. Omnichannel ads are preferred by 90% of consumers since it offers a varied and more interesting experience. It benefits you because it takes several impressions for a consumer to recall or recognize a brand. When done correctly the integrated strategies work together to reach your goals.  

Here are some tips on how you can combine email with your other marketing.  

1. Use Email And PPC In Tandem 

Combining your email and PPC campaigns helps increase awareness and encourage action. You can accomplish this by basing email subject lines on your highest-performing PPC ads or remarketing to people who have opened your emails but didn't perform your desired action. In doing this, you’re repurposing material that has already proven its effectiveness and giving people who have already shown interest the additional encouragement that could push them to become customers. 

Furthermore, it’s also a great way to grow your email list. PPC ads grow your customer base, allowing you to consistently reach new people through email. The multichannel approach allows you to nurture and retain customers who either need more time or would not have learned of you otherwise.  

For example, you could use your display ads to direct prospective customers to your website. Once there, you can replenish your email list by offering discounts in exchange for their email signup, like giving them an exclusive coupon or access to a free trial. 

2. Use Social Media Ads To Encourage Email Subscription 

When it comes to building brand awareness, most small businesses believe social media and email marketing are the top two methods. Both are great for connecting with consumers individually. When combined, they produce excellent results, especially in building your subscription base. 

Use your social media ads and following to encourage people to sign up for your emails. Give a clear and appealing explanation of the benefits of signing up, then watch your email list grow. Make sure you follow through with whatever promises you make, since you need to provide value to keep your subscribers active and loyal.  

If you don’t follow up with quality content, your strategy will backfire on you. For this to work, you may have better success sending emails to fewer people with content directed only to relevant receivers that’s personalized to resonate with them specifically. 

3. Combine Email And Your Blog 

Blogging is great for boosting business, especially in terms of SEO and establishing your industry. Integrating email and bogging, however, takes it to the next level. Blogs bring in more leads and prove authority, but email personalizes and builds your relationship with customers to develop their loyalty.  

Sending your blog through email and encouraging avid readers to sign up and get new blogs through email combines your approach. It helps you maintain audience engagement by continuing to nurture them and make them feel valued. 

You can take your content strategy further by embedding polls and quizzes into the blog posts on your site or offering contests that will help you capture people's email addresses. Quizzes and contests have higher rates of engagement, as well as a 33.6% conversion rate. They can help you grow your email list and developing your customer relationship.  

4. Optimize Your Email Alongside Your SEM 

You can combine email with your SEM campaign by encouraging and generating traffic to your site using automated sequencing. It directs consumers to your site and encouraging an email exchange helps to build your list. However, there are other great benefits to this matchup.  

SEM offers insights into your customer intent, which you can then use to create more effective emails. Taking this further, you can use the information you gain to personalize your content to your customers. You can adapt your emails to match their preference or use these insights to segment your audience and make multiple emails for each base. It provides your customers more of what they want while helping you lower your email bounce rate and increase social media engagement. 

Consumers are pickier than ever, and making these efforts increases your chances of business success since 74% of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized. Furthermore, 90% of U.S. consumers find marketing personalization appealing, and 72% of consumers say they only engage with personalized messaging. 

Get the Most out of Your Strategy 

Email is a fantastic digital tool, even more so when used alongside your PPC, SEM, social media, and blogging marketing efforts. The key is to integrate them into one cohesive strategy that works together to reach your specified goal. While they can be great methods when used separately, your efforts are way more efficient and effective when you pair email with your ad strategies.  

If you feel intimidated by this process, you can use a media partner to get the most of your strategy. They have the expertise and experience in these areas to help you grow your business quickly and effectively. 

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Andy Recker

Written by Andy Recker

Andy Recker is an Integrated Marketing Specialist with over 20 years in the Radio Advertising Industry in the Fort Wayne, IN market. He has helped hundreds of local businesses of all sizes identify opportunities to grow and to help them connect with target consumers through multiple platforms to get them to move and take action.