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Elements of an Intriguing Recruitment Ad

Now more than ever, companies need new employees. However, it takes time and effort to conduct recruiting amid all the other work tasks. Perhaps it is a matter of looking at your recruiting efforts differently. Instead of tracking candidates, why not use marketing to make your value proposition compelling enough that they come to you?

Radio is an ideal way to reach your target audience, and digital is the perfect complement to provide even more helpful information. Conducting recruitment campaigns serves the dual purpose of increasing your reach to attract qualified candidates while promoting your brand.   

By following some best practices for creating intriguing radio and digital recruitment ads, your message will resonate with candidates.   

Target Currently Employed People   

The first rule of thumb in recruiting is to target those already employed. Targeting currently employed people ensures you reach a talent pool with current experience. Some recruiters feel that those already employed will present a more honest and accurate depiction of their skills and expertise. It's just a matter of getting your ads in front of them. 

Radio is ideal for reaching those in the workforce as 

  • 75% of people listen to the radio while working at least once a week, while 40% of workers tune in daily.  
  • Whereas 97% of people listen to the radio during their daily commute to work.  

Those numbers prove radio has a more significant percentage of activity than any other media outlet. Furthermore, it indicates that your ads will likely reach those you want to attract to work for you. 

Avoided Crowded Job Platforms  

Radio has a variety of ads other than those for recruitment. Having your ad delivered by a popular local radio host with a loyal following is particularly effective. That strategy is well-suited to getting more attention for your company and your message among local audiences. Combined radio and digital strategies allow your recruitment campaign ads to stand out and demonstrate your company personality, unlike job boards with too much competing information. The variety of differing information helps people maintain more interest in the ads, so they pay closer attention when hearing them. 

Appeal to Relevant Personalities Instead of Skills  

Be mindful of the crucial elements of an effective worker when recruiting. While you can train people on your product or service lines, software, and sales or customer service techniques, you can't teach more critical qualities. You want to look for people with a strong work ethic and moral compass. 

Radio ads are the ideal way to appeal to the personalities you feel will be a good fit for your company. You want someone who meshes seamlessly with and enhances your company culture. You can further leverage this with digital and display ads targeting those with interests that line up with your radio listenership base. Radio stations and personalities understand their audience personas, and you can use that to tailor online ads towards their browsing habits to reinforce and increase your ad's effectiveness. 

Use Concise Calls-to-Action  

It is easy to get wrapped up in the qualities you look for in your ideal candidate and what you want them to know about your company. If you want people to act and apply for the position, you must present the next step clearly by directing them to your site or a separate job board.  

Ensure you have a clear, concise call to action repeated through the ad to be memorable or presented clearly in digital ads. You can also use SMS in your call to action, such as having them text "JOB" or "NEW HIRE" to a unique number to make it even simpler for people to follow up. 

Put Aside Time to Sort Applications  

You've carefully crafted your recruitment campaign to reach your ideal candidate. You know what you want your ads to say to attract suitable applicants. Your messages highlight your company's mission and culture. You've leveraged your local radio influencer and their loyal social following to reach your intended local talent pool. 

You must prepare for the success of your recruitment campaign. The last thing you want is to lose out on potential star performers by having their application or resume lost due to poor infrastructure or inadequate planning. Ensure your website is prepared to handle the increased traffic due to an influx of candidate applications. You'll also need to plan for extra staff or time to review the applications and schedule interviews promptly. Move quickly once someone applies to show your dedication and hold their interest while your company is on their minds. 

Leverage the Expertise and Experience of Media Professionals  

Your company may have the best home service professionals in your industry. However, that doesn't necessarily mean they will also excel at planning a recruitment campaign. Recruiting is time and staff intensive and can easily divert attention away from your core competency.  

When it comes time to design your recruiting strategy, you need a partner with the experience, the resources, and the expertise to help you develop an effective recruitment campaign to accomplish your goals. A media partner can guide you to the most effective mediums and techniques to get your message to the right people and have them take action.   


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Mary DePrez

Written by Mary DePrez

Mary DePrez is an integrated advertising consultant with over 30 years of experience in radio, TV, and digital solutions. She has helped local, regional, and national businesses reach their marketing goals and overcome their marketing challenges. She specializes in customizing plans that work!