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Grow Your Email Marketing by Collecting First-Party Data

Data has always been a significant aspect of marketing, but these days, collecting and interpreting data is essential for businesses that want to grow their customer base and sell more. A business can contain hold many different types of data, but perhaps the most valuable kind of data is first-party data. Especially as Google implements a major shift to get rid of third-party cookies, companies can no longer rely on them to provide crucial marketing data. However, first-party data can help them handle this change, giving companies better information about their customers and allowing businesses to stay in control of how they learn about them.  


Learn more about the importance of first-party data and how that relates to email marketing below. 

Collecting First-Party Data 

First-party data is data that your company collects about its customers. You often achieve that through opt-in methods, like having people sign up for your email list or tracking analytics. First-party data gives your company control over how the data is collected and used, which is different from the analytics collected from social media sites or other platforms. Social media analytics can still provide valuable information, but your company owns its first-party data.  

Companies can learn about their customer better through first-party data, but it's essential to be strategic about the type and amount of data you collect. Asking for input on a too-frequent basis can be off-putting and seem invasive, but not collecting enough data makes it more difficult for your company to get the benefits first-party data can offer. For this reason, think carefully about which specific data points you want to prioritize and focus most of your efforts on those parameters.  

Learn About Customers Through Data 

Email marketing is a significant outlet because it relies on direct communication between companies and customers. Companies that have quality email marketing campaigns earn an increased customer connection. It can be challenging to figure out what makes an email marketing campaign quality for your business. First-party data can provide better insight by showing you which types of emails get the most clicks and conversions. It allows your company to tailor your emails to customers better, making them more likely to follow your calls to action. 

One way to effectively collect first-party data through emails is with surveys or contests. These shouldn't require your customers to take more than a minute or two to complete them, but they can still give you valuable insight into the demographics and preferences of your customers. Once you have enough data from such surveys, you can use it to adjust your marketing strategies and shape your future campaigns.  

Getting enough results to help your company can be tricky, but offering discounts or arranging giveaways can give you the boost you need.  

Use First-Party Data to Improve Customer Experience 

Although gathering first-party data primarily increases sales down the road, you should also use it to enhance your customers' experiences on your email list, website, and social media platforms. Poor customer experiences can cause people interested in your products or services to go with a competitor instead. Having the best customer experience in your field is an excellent goal because a great customer experience sticks with customers in the long term and makes them go to you whenever they need what you offer.  

Once you have collected enough first-party data, you can use it to alter your email and other marketing campaigns to give your customers a better experience. That might mean you adjust your strategy to send content that customers will more likely enjoy or find relevant. Or it may mean creating new products to suit their wants and needs. Along with the data you collect, you can, and should, use other methods like A/B testing to understand your customers' preferences further and tailor your communication methods accordingly.  

That allows your business to craft content that makes your customers feel you truly understand who they are and what they want. From there, you can feel confident that you know the best methods for delivering news to your customers and increasing your return on investment with your email marketing campaign.  

Grow Your Marketing with Quality Emails 

Email marketing can provide a considerable return on investment when used correctly, but it can also waste time and money when email campaigns are ineffective. First-party data can help you shape your email marketing campaigns to align with your customers' preferences. It's important to collect it sparingly to avoid seeming too invasive. Using first-party data may be the way to go if you are looking for a simple way to make your email marketing more relevant and effective.  

If you have difficulty figuring out the right strategy for collecting first-party data and growing your email list, a media partner can help you. They can use their expertise to craft a campaign that can increase conversions and drive sales! 

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Suzee Leavell

Written by Suzee Leavell

Suzee has been passionate about advertising and marketing for over 35 years. Every business is different; therefore, every advertising plan she creates is customized. She develops these marketing strategies by working to understand your customer’s buying cycle and your business goals. The most important part of the partnerships she develops is delivering measurable results.