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How to Get More Customers, What You Need to Know Now

When your goal is more customers, the key is integrated marketing. However, it takes experience, knowledge, and a level of expertise to understand which channels will be most effective to reach your target customer. 

You could attempt the trial and error route and spend a few years learning the ins and outs of marketing and gaining experience, but you could be losing customers to your competition. The best way to get customers now is to find a highly experienced marketing partner who specializes in integrated marketing. 

What Is Integrated Marketing?

Integrated marketing is an approach that leverages the power of different marketing channels to provide a unified brand experience to customers. It is a strategic methodology to combine communication and interaction with your target audience where they will be most impactful and influential. Integrated marketing allows brands to provide consistent messaging throughout the customer journey.

Why Is Integrated Marketing Important?

Chances are, you listen to the radio, do a Google search for something you need or have heard about, watch television, check your email, and engage on social media, all in one day. You don't just spend your time on one channel, and neither do your potential customers. When you embark on a marketing campaign, it is vital that your target customer gets a consistent message across all channels to form a clear picture of your brand. Integrated marketing is a smart way to maximize the returns on your marketing budget. Instead of creating multiple messages, you can concentrate on extending the reach or circulation of one message. 

A successful integrated marketing campaign requires careful consideration of which tactics to employ. You need a clear idea of who your ideal customer is, where they spend their time, and the ideal cadence of your messaging. You want to identify the channels that they interact with the most. Then, you want to ensure your strategy reinforces your brand message and why it's the right choice at every touchpoint in the customer journey. 

Which Marketing Channels Integrate Well?

Using multiple channels supercharges your marketing efforts in a number of ways. It increases your reach, improves your chance of conversion, builds trust, increases brand recognition, and improves your marketing ROI. However, the effectiveness of your integrated marketing strategy depends upon the right mix of channels for your product or service. Some that integrate well are:

To get the most out of your marketing spend, implementing an integrated strategy is your best choice. To choose the right blend of channels for your brand, choosing the right marketing partner with a successful track record of integrated marketing is vital. 

What To Look for in a Marketing Partner

There are a few essential criteria to consider when looking for a marketing partner for your integrated strategy:

  • Expertise in creating and promoting branded podcasts
  • Highly experienced in implementing content marketing and digital marketing tactics
  • A history of successful partnerships with a variety of radio stations where ads can be played
  • A deep understanding of integrated marketing
  • A customized approach to your specific marketing challenges

Creating Effective Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Integrated marketing is a complex process. You must have deep industry expertise and experience to know the right channels to leverage for your target audience, the most effective content, which type of content works at each step of the customer journey, and how to track your campaign's effectiveness. Integrated marketing means more leads, more brand awareness, and more significant ROI. However, it only works if you find a marketing partner who understands integrated marketing.

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Chris Alumbaugh

Written by Chris Alumbaugh

Christopher Alumbaugh is a Senior Marketing Consultant at Federated Media. His success is based on your success and building a long-standing relationship between your business and New Customers - bottom line, to make a profitable experience for all. His plan is simple, to help prospects know your products and services, trust your products and services, and highlight your competitive advantage – the why buy now.