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2020 Social Media Plan

Time to Take Stock of Social Media 

Social media is an effective and budget-friendly way to connect with consumers and stay top-of-mind. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, social enables brands to connect, share information and make an impact. 

But social media isn’t a “set it and forget it” tool.  With user preferences and technology constantly shifting, it is critical to stay up to date on social. The new year is an ideal time to take stock of your social marketing strategy and how your company is deploying precious resources. 

To stay ahead of the curve (and at the top of the newsfeed) with social media platforms, including the most popular apps in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Instagram, your strategy  should be regularly updated. Here are some thoughts to consider:

Where are your customers?

Many businesses devote considerable time to Facebook, which has long been the dominant force in social media. For many companies -- radio stations included -- Facebook remains the best way to engage large numbers of fans. Brands have learned to use Facebook to effectively market their products and services. However, due to privacy concerns or shifting tastes, some consumers have moved on from Facebook, particularly younger Americans. 

At the same time, Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram are growing in popularity and prominence, particularly with younger users. Or Pinterest might be the place where you target audience spends their time. The important thing is to study your audience and make sure your social media efforts are in line with their media usage. Otherwise, you could be missing out and wasting valuable manpower.

Who handles your social media?

On the topic of resources, it is always a good idea to think about what team members are in charge of your social media accounts and who else has access. For some companies, it makes sense to have a single person take the point, but it can also be beneficial to have a variety of voices. Make sure several people in your organization are regularly viewing your social channels and responding to user comments. Be sure to check reviews and reply as needed.

What are your policies?

As new social channels bubble up and existing platforms change, establishing clear and consistent social media policies is more important than ever. With both company social accounts and your staff’s own personal accounts, your firm should have a written policy about acceptable content and penalties for violating those rules. For media companies, this extends to your on-air personalities as well. As representatives for your station, these hosts and DJs are key ambassadors with a loyal following, so what they post is important and highly visible. 

What can you try new this year?

Now we’re getting to the fun part. Thanks to new technology and media accessibility from mobile and voice-enabled devices, consumers have more ways than ever to access social content and interact. That allows content creators to experiment and try new things, including podcasts and digital video. You can use social media to highlight these efforts and cross-promote your content. 

When used properly and regularly maintained, social media is an excellent way to reach your  audience on new digital channels. With all the work you’re doing on social, don’t forget to highlight your social content on your other platforms, including your on-air advertising and websites.

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Written by Paul Altman