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3 Multimedia Marketing Campaigns To Enhance Your Radio Commercials

If there’s one word you should remember when thinking about marketing strategies, it’s this: diversify! Using one tactic for all of your marketing efforts may work for a little while, but it’s not a long-term solution. As they say, you should never put all of your eggs in one basket. 

You’re probably familiar with many of the marketing strategies that exist out there. Things like email and text clubs, display ads, and influencer marketing, along with many others. But the real question is…do you know how to put campaigns into action that effectively utilize multiple channels?

If you don’t, or if you’re not sure, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s discuss three campaign examples that can bring about success for your business. 

Example 1: Promote Your New HVAC Special

Let’s say you own an HVAC business, and you’re ready to get business moving around autumn or spring. Since those are the perfect seasons for people to get their furnaces and ACs checked (respectively), there’s no better time to start promoting a sale. 

The first thing you do is put together an awesome radio commercial. Whether you have your own talent to read or you’d prefer the radio hosts to be your on-air voices, there are plenty of options that work.

As the commercial airs, that’s when you start ramping up your targeted online display ads. Display ads remind people of what they heard on the radio; seeing the same campaign from earlier in the day motivates them to get in touch with you or check out your website to schedule service.

Lastly, shoot out an email to your email club that highlights your sale and gives consumers an easy button to click and reserve an appointment. From start to finish, you’ve kept your customers’ attention. 

Example 2: You’re a Roofer

Let’s say you’re a roofer in need of some new clients to fill up your spring schedule. How are you going to make that happen? 

One of the best ways to generate leads is with a contest. Partner with your local radio station and create a contest with the final prize being a brand new roof. This gets people excited, as they know how positively a new roof can impact their home, and it also gathers leads for your business. Anyone who enters the contest is going to want to win the prize, which qualifies them to be your customers.

Those leads will come in via radio commercials asking listeners to text the word “ROOF” to receive a bounceback text including the link to enter the contest. The information you get from them is a nice exchange for their entry into the contest – now you have a few ways to contact them even if they don’t win the roof. 

Use a Facebook targeting ad campaign to promote the contest where people spend the most time – on social media! 

Make sure to implement drip campaign emails to keep people updated on the contest and to prompt them to take any further action. Only one person can win the prize, but you can further motivate consumers by sending out a coupon for a small discount on a brand-new roof if they book by a certain date. 

Example 3: The Grand Opening

Instead of an HVAC expert or a roofer, your final job is owning a restaurant – and a successful restaurant, at that! Your food joint is opening up a new location and you want to get the word out to your community so the grand opening is one for the books. 

A great way to achieve that is to create a partnership with MyDealsMichiana or MyDealsFortWayne. That partnership will allow you to sell gift cards that only work for your second location, which encourages people to dine there.

To make sure people know where your location is, what it’s about, and when it’s opening, team up with a radio host. They’ll use their influence to spread information about your restaurant, and they can even talk about their favorite menu items and the convenience of your new location on air and on their social media.

Of course, for the duration of the campaign, your radio commercials should mention your new restaurant and encourage people to come out for the grand opening celebration — and continue to dine there again and again.

Ready to Get Started?

Marketing isn’t rocket science, but it does take careful planning and strategizing. At Federated Media, planning and strategizing is what we do. Team up with us today to discover how a strategic multimedia marketing campaign can make a difference for your business! 


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Written by Federated Media