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5 Tips for Surviving the Pandemic Through Advertising

Regularly advertising your business helps build brand awareness and reach your target audience. Your efforts shouldn’t change now. Eargo, a popular hearing aid company, is working on getting the word out about its services. "Hearing," notes CEO Shiv Singh, "[is] such a major thing. All of a sudden, your entire life is about Zoom calls and hearing people that are six feet away versus right in front of you; it takes on a greater challenge in a time like this. And for older folks, isolation can lead to all sorts of other problems." Right now, Eargo is offering free remote hearing checks and special financing offers to help support people as they face new challenges.

Eargo is not alone in recognizing the importance of advertising during the pandemic. Your marketing efforts can have a substantial impact, both on your business and on your customers. As Frito-Lay notes in its latest ad, right now, it's not just about your brand. It's about the people, and your marketing efforts can help your customers through this time while helping your business.

1. Tailor Your Messaging

Your customers are looking for specific information from your business. Advertisers in every industry are shifting their messages to be sensitive to the current times. Life has changed dramatically for everyone, and we’re all trying to navigate a new normal. Consider the following when tailoring your messaging:

Offer empathy. Show your customers that you know and understand what they're going through and that your business is prepared to stand with them during this difficult time.

Let your customers know what you're doing differently. This pandemic has likely changed the way you do business. Let your customers know about the changes you’ve made and what they can expect from you.

Address the situation and be transparent. You can't avoid or work around coronavirus. It's impacting all of your customers in different ways. Be open about what your company is doing to help, so your customers know how you’ll be supporting them.

2. Showcase Your Target Audience

Your audience will connect more with your business when they feel represented in your ads. As you put together your ads, showcase your target audience. When you represent their demographic and lifestyle, your customers can relate to your business on a more personal level. Utilize radio talent that has a connection with your target audience to endorse your business. They have already built a connection with them, trusts them, and relies on them for information and normalcy.

3. Expand Your Reach

Getting your business in front of as many people who can benefit from your products or services is essential.  Keep in mind that people are engaging with brands more often and at different times than usual due to stay-at-home orders. Consider advertising on new platforms or trying out new stations, radio shows, and times. You may reach a different audience than before--potentially one that needs your business in a new or different way as their needs change. 

Think about who you might want to reach in terms of new customers. Consider demographics that might not be your customer now, but who can benefit from your business right now and beyond. This is an opportunity to fill a void for consumers that might have been filled by a competitor who currently can’t meet their needs. Use this chance to show consumers why your brand is right for them, now and later on. Pay careful attention to your market throughout the pandemic to help determine where your business can step in and meet the needs of your target consumer. 

4. Repurpose Your Previous Ads

As the situation continues to evolve, you may need to turn new content around quickly. Repurposing past content can be incredibly helpful, especially since it allows you to remain at home while still creating new content. Utilizing past digital ads, visuals, and sound bites can also help you save on ad spend. Your audience might already be familiar with some of your past ads, so this is a great way to help keep brand awareness up while advertising a new message.

5. Get Creative

Now is a great time to try different types of marketing that you've wanted to try before. Many businesses are getting creative to help them draw the attention of their target audience. You may want to branch out to a new radio station, create new blog posts and infographics, or engage on social media in a way that you didn't have a chance to before. Consider pivoting your advertising to entertain and inspire your audience with creative, engaging content.

Advertising throughout the pandemic will benefit your business as the economy begins to return to a new normal. Your marketing efforts will let your customers know what you're currently offering and how they can connect with your business while remaining top-of-mind. By continuing to market your business now, you are giving your business the best chance of surviving the pandemic.

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Written by Federated Media