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Combining Print, Digital, & Radio Ads for Your Local Audience

Advertising is a crucial driver of revenue, so it's essential to pay special attention to the quality and delivery of your ads. After allchewing gum sales doubled once their ads started showing people chewing two pieces of gum at onceIt encouraged people to chew two pieces at a time, just like they'd seen on the ad, indicating how crucially effective they are. 

Ads are already incredibly effective, and especially if they’re seen regularly and in varied fashion through a combined strategy. It can drive revenue by improving your reach with your local audience and increasing the chances your ads will be seen and remembered. 

Radio, digital, and print ads have individual success rates, and combining your strategies will maximize success to its full potential.  

Benefits Of Radio Ads 

Radio ads are highly effective at reaching geographic audiences and have lower costs when trying to reach local audiences. Radio stations can even geotarget with on-air signals, along with their location-based ads on digital channels, to reach large audiences. 

You can script your radio ads or have them spoken by the host and still tend to have some of the highest rates of engagement. Even those who listen to podcasts alone will still listen to 10 hours and 13 minutes of radio weekly, and the most dedicated podcast listeners tune in to an additional 22 minutes of radio. 

They also have a high reach and are considered an incredibly trustworthy medium. Radio is one of the most trustworthy mediums and is twice as trustworthy as social media. It is continually increasing in trustworthiness, too, since radio is ranked as 79% percent more or just as trustworthy compared to a year ago. 

By that metric, that trust includes advertising efforts, like digital and print, it boosts brand awareness among your audience and improves the effectiveness of your other ads. 

Benefits Of Digital Ads 

On the other hand, digital ads are incredibly cost-effective and have an extensive, targeted reach, making them accessible and efficient for new companies. Not to mention, their analytics make them easy to track success while targeting niche and local groups while giving you critical information about your audience. 

You can use the data from your analytics to further improve your relationship with customers and humanize your brand. You’ll be able to determine how well your ads are performing, as well as which ads work best with the different segments of your audience. 

In terms of combining your digital strategy, however, digital ads pair well with print ads. They can drive action when your audience sees them, making it more likely that print increases your credibility and awareness amongst your target audience. 

Benefits Of Print Ads 

Designed for magazines and newspapers, print ads are more trusted and more memorable than digital ads because they require more cost and time to create, which shows your legitimacy.  

Their regular presence in people’s lives makes them trusted by 82% of consumers. It successfully enhances other efforts and keeps the reader's focus compared to digital ads. Your brand reacts well to print, and print ads capture 77% of Millennials' attention. 

Another significant benefit is print ads last longer. The medium is less disposable, meaning that ads could be effective for a long period after launching. It’s not unusual that newspapers and magazines are left in common areas, like waiting rooms at a business, or in guest rooms and restrooms in the home. While specific article content may lapse in timeliness, ads won’t as easily, meaning that someone can see your ad later and become aware of your brand.  

How To Implement A Combined Approach 

Using a combined strategy increases the value of your ads because both radio and print help your brand's credibility, which increases the effectiveness of your digital ads and encourages action from your audience. 

Take, for instance, the following ways you can focus print and radio ads on increasing brand awareness and credibility. Digital ads could use a call-to-action campaign to increase sales and regularly advertise on print and radio to establish your brand in the area. Meanwhile, you can encourage further action by sending direct mail to your target audience once or twice a week, depending on your goals, to encourage sales.  

Alternatively, you can run regular radio ads using trustworthy hosts to promote your product or service alongside digital ads on popular channels like social media and email to encourage your audience to take action, like making purchases.  

It's important to note that you need to cohesively develop your strategies so that each element of your advertising works together to provide a consistent message, which increases your competitive advantage. 

Increase Brand Awareness (Among Other Things) 

Combining your advertising approach using the integrated benefits of radio, digital, and print ads are much more effective. It enhances the value of your message, but it also increases the number of touchpoints your brand has with its audiences, making it more likely your audience will think of your ads. 

Integrating more than two forms of advertising can be a lot to coordinate yourself as a business. Still, fortunately, there are reliable options for alleviating that challenge, like working with a media partner. Their expertise and experience in the industry can help you experience maximum benefits with less trial and error. 

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Written by Federated Media