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How a Digital Marketing Expert Can Help Your Business

Implementing a digital marketing strategy is integral to your business’ success. Without working on your online presence, it's hard to reach your entire target audience.

For small marketing departments, marketing tasks may be handled by employees whose area of expertise does not center around promotional efforts. As a result, the department doesn't realize its full potential and fails to stay ahead of the competition.

By outsourcing marketing tasks to a digital marketing expert, you can give your company a chance to improve without distracting your staff from important tasks. There are a series of ways that such experts can help turn things around.

1. Create an ROI-focused Strategy

Your marketing strategy depends on your niche, resources, and goals. A digital marketing expert can help you create an ROI-focused strategy by employing tactics that best suit your business.

Target Persona & Paid Search Ads

For example, paid search ads are an excellent lead generation tool. By placing the right information in front of people who need it the most, you can drive traffic to your website. Then you can work on turning leads into prospects and, eventually, into customers.

When you collaborate with a digital marketing expert, you optimize your return on ad spend (ROAS), which translates into more leads at a lower cost.

Content Strategy

You may have created valuable pieces of content for your website or social media pages. However, without the right strategy, they do little to attract and convert clients.

A content marketing strategy involves creating and distributing valuable content to attract, convert, and retain the target audience. Afterall, while content is KING, distribution is QUEEN.  A digital marketing expert can help you design such a strategy and adjust the current content to suit marketing goals.  The best content in the world doesn’t benefit anyone if no one sees it.  A digital marketing expert can ensure that you have the proper strategy in place for all your content marketing.  

2. Competitive Analysis

The key to a successful marketing strategy is monitoring the competition. To adjust your strategy, you need to find out what your competition is doing and what works (or doesn't work) for it.

A digital marketing expert uses a variety of tools to check the competition’s ability to:

  • Design websites
  • Use keywords
  • Exploit social media
  • Rank on Google
  • Develop their content
  • Build links
  • Create paid search ads
  • And more

Knowing all about the competition can help you beat them at their own game. However, without a digital marketing specialist, companies rarely have time to study competitors thoroughly and efficiently.

3. Branding

Branding is an important component of business growth. While some branding tactics can be designed intuitively, it's impossible to capitalize on them without a professional approach.

A digital marketing expert can help you with branding actions, such as creating a branded podcast. This approach lets you speak to your brand's niche audience directly about things that worry them the most, eventually turning them into loyal clients.

A professional branding strategy can help you:

  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Show credibility
  • Grow customer loyalty
  • Improve retention efforts
  • Maximize new product launches
  • And much more.

Branding is a continuous process. As soon as you take a break, you stop enjoying its benefits. 

4. Analytics

No matter how good the marketing strategy may seem, its results aren't always quick or straightforward. Each step of your marketing campaign must be analyzed to see what can be adjusted.

The ever-changing Google algorithms, client preferences, technologies, and industry developments demand the marketing approach be flexible. Without continuous analysis, it's easy to miss a new trend and fall behind the competition.

A digital marketing expert focuses on analytics to ensure the highest ROI of each step of the marketing campaign. Digital marketing experts can go beyond out-of-the-box analytics and customize platforms like Google Analytics to display in-depth information about your visitors and how they convert.

5. Integrated Marketing

While digital marketing is on the agenda of any business, traditional marketing is just as important. A digital marketing expert can combine traditional and digital marketing efforts to create a seamless experience for prospects. Integrated marketing creates multiple touchpoints for interaction with potential clients, increasing the chances of converting them exponentially.

Today, only 36% of marketers try to integrate their traditional and digital activities. Only 15% manage to do it completely. By embracing integrated marketing, you give your company a chance to grow while rising above the competition. But a digital marketing expert is required to integrate marketing properly.

Outdoing the Competition with a Digital Marketing Expert

Digital marketing comes with numerous nuances. Trying to do it without assistance stops you from achieving business goals. A digital marketing specialist can provide valuable advice and touch upon points you never even knew existed.

By delegating your marketing tasks to an outsourced digital marketing expert, you give your company a chance to develop and outrun the competition without the burden of paying a full salary and benefits.


Written by Federated Media