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How Email Can Drive Results for Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing puts your messages right in front of your target audiences where they’re actively looking. It’s the preferred communication for many, especially in work settings. Americans spend over 5 hours a day on average checking their email, where they’re actively looking and engaged with the material. The more you can speak to them about relevant insights and deals, the better you can tap into their focused reading. Personalize your messages based on your leads' past behaviors and engagement to give them only the content that matters most. You can use it as an engaging, action-driving platform for semi-annual sales, new product releases, educational content to incorporate email in any type of campaign

In this article, we'll discuss how to optimize your emails for engagement, get more lead conversions, and use the data you collect.

Personalized Emails Encourage Higher Engagement

Email messages give your business greater freedom with content than paid ads or directly promotional material. You can discuss company updates, give your subscribers educational resources, and otherwise deepen the relationship outside of a sale. With a well-planned email campaign, you can engage with readers before a promotion to increase your conversions and sales.

Proactively communicating with your audience keeps them informed of your offerings without being pushy about selling to them. Providing other material, like newsletters or relevant industry information, provides valuable content with a personalized experience with your brand. Along with careful timing, clear personalization can also increase engagement. You can do this by customizing different email tracks based on a subscriber's stage in the buyer's journey, previous purchases, and even their previous email open rate.

A Quality Subscriber List Speaks to an Already Engaged Audience

A well-built email subscriber list is one of your company's strongest assets. When consumers decide to join your email list, that's a strong indication that they're interested in your brand or your products. These leads are already warm and have indicated they're open to future communications. It is far more valuable than a list of cold leads or a paid ad campaign where you might get costly false clicks.

Your email subscribers are assets to your brand, especially compared to those on other platforms. Social media followers, YouTube subscribers, and even Amazon customers are on lists that you can use in-platform, but you don't own the list, and you don't have insight into their contact details. An email list is something your business owns outright, and you are freer to use it in the best way for your business.

You can make a list even more valuable by segmenting it. Some of your subscribers may be avid customers who want details about every sale. Others will only engage with you if you're offering something uniquely valuable. Segment your list by:

  • Tracking which subscribers have high opening and clickthrough rates
  • Creating individual lists based on the landing page or uptake form that convinced the visitor to subscribe
  • Segmenting subscribers based on their interests, demographics, or other factors outlined in your customer personas

Most Consumers Check Their Email Daily

Many consumers and working professionals are constantly aware of their inboxes. They either check their inboxes multiple times throughout the workday or receive push notifications on their mobile phone. This connectivity gives you a direct communication line to even your busiest subscribers. Timing is a crucial factor, especially since more people are checking their email on mobile and doing so earlier in the workweek.  Everyone has a slightly different routine, but the frequency with which people check their email increases your chances to have yours viewed. The best way to take advantage of it is with short, engaging titles that encourage users to click on your email instead of swipe it to the side or archive it.

Even subscribers on the go will interrupt what they're doing to check alerts. If you have email campaigns that trigger based on location or shopping behaviors, email becomes even more helpful.

Email Analytics Offer New Opportunities

Whether your subscribers open your emails, read them through, and click on your site or not, you're getting detailed insight into how your subscribers interact with your content. Today's email marketing tools let you track which sales come from which email messages or how different articles perform with your email subscription audience. You can measure success or areas for improvement throughout your email campaign and compare it to your digital marketing strategy. That way you can make real-time adjustments and strengthen your strategy.

Conducting A/B testing by sending out different email titles to see which ones garner the most immediate engagement is a helpful way of getting immediate feedback. Experimenting with different layouts to see what style elements increase your clickthrough rates works as well. Email marketing tools let you segment your data to see which factors have the most success.

Grow Your Brand With Better Emailing Marketing

Email marketing continues to be one of the most important ways to get information in front of your target market and build lasting relationships with shoppers. By creating new campaigns, providing valuable content, and analyzing your readers' engagement, you can ramp up your subscription base and sales.

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Mary DePrez

Written by Mary DePrez

Mary DePrez is an integrated advertising consultant with over 30 years of experience in radio, TV, and digital solutions. She has helped local, regional, and national businesses reach their marketing goals and overcome their marketing challenges. She specializes in customizing plans that work!