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How Email, Social Media, And Content Marketing Drive ROI

Heavy web traffic doesn’t always equal heavy sales.

Driving a lot of traffic to your website is great, but it needs to be strategic — like through the use of email marketing, social media and content marketing. It also needs to result in a positive ROI, otherwise, it’s a waste.

If you’re noticing that you’re getting a lot of people coming to your landing page and then leaving, chances are good that you’re driving the wrong kind of traffic to your page. You want people who are quality leads visiting your site so that you can ultimately convert them into paying customers.

Let’s talk about three effective tactics you can use to attract the right audience to your business’s website.

Content Marketing

The value of having content that’s specifically crafted to your business can’t be overstated. Companies who actively posted blogs to their website were found to be 13 percent more likely to result in positive ROI.

Through careful keyword research, you can fine-tune your blog content specifically for your target audience. Keywords help search engines rank your website and categorize it based on how likely it is to fit the needs of someone who is searching for terms and phrases related to your industry.

The key to driving conversions with content is to have a consistent and clear call-to-action in each blog post. Make sure the action is simple and easy to follow to maximize conversions.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to directly share blogs and content from your website directly with an audience who cares about your business.

Your blog strategy and your social media strategy should be well intertwined with one another. Each blog post you write for your website can (and should) result in multiple social media posts about the topic, which naturally will send traffic to your website for conversions.

Remember to interact with your audience on social media as you post. Don’t expect them to keep commenting if you never reply to them. By sharing content and authentically engaging with your audience, you’re building brand loyalty, which will ultimately lead qualified prospective customers to your website.

Social media is a relatively new metric when it comes to measuring ROI. However, we know that when social media posts are used in conjunction with paid social media ads more than 50 percent of marketers say it results in an increase in traffic, generates leads, and results in sales.

Email Marketing

More than 90 percent of people in the United States older than 15 use email. There’s a potential for email to generate a staggering 4,400 percent ROI!

But all good email marketing campaigns start with the same thing: a list of quality subscribers.

Arguably, this can be the most difficult part when it comes to email marketing. Encourage people who use your services or who participate in your contests and giveaways to sign up for your email list.

Once you start building your pool of engaged subscribers, it becomes a matter of sending targeted emails about your products and services. Make sure you can segment your email audience so that you are sending emails that are relevant to each person on your list. Be consistent with your emails, and make sure to link back to your website to drive traffic and encourage conversions.

These are three digital marketing tactics that can help you drive ROI with your business website. Learn more about additional tactics in the blog post Why Invest In Digital Marketing by Federated Digital Solutions.

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