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How Influencers Can Help Your Cause Marketing Campaign

If you want to ensure your cause marketing campaign is reaching people, partnering with someone who has already earned the trust of loyal followers can be very effective. Yes, we are talking about influencers!

If your cause marketing campaign is focused on generating donations or motivating people to take action, a social media influencer can help. People follow social media influencers because they are relatable and they trust their opinions and recommendations. Local influencers are even more effective because they are involved in the same community where their audience (and your audience) lives, works, and plays.

Let’s talk about some ways a social media influencer can help with your cause marketing campaign.

How An Influencer Can Help Your Campaign

If your campaign is focused on raising awareness for a nonprofit, a social media influencer can extend your message to their audience. They can create posts highlighting the nonprofit, why the work they do is important, and how and why your business is supporting them. 

Every November, Dan Austin from K105 in Fort Wayne helps raise awareness and funds for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN). Austin’s mother-in-law died of pancreatic cancer in 2000. After talking with another family that had lost their father from this disease, Austin decided he wanted to help other people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and their families.

PanCAN’s mission is to improve the lives of those impacted by pancreatic cancer through advancing research, spreading awareness, and advocating for patients. Over the last 17 years, Austin hosted a variety of different fundraisers for PanCAN, including a pancake breakfast, a silent auction, and has even dyed his goatee purple! In that time, he’s helped raise more than $100,000 for the organization.

If your campaign is a volunteer event, an influencer can participate in the event. They can promote the volunteer event in advance and encourage their audience to volunteer with them. During the event, they can post photos and videos about the event, highlighting your business in the process.

Partnering with a local influencer can be especially beneficial for local and small businesses. Not only are they less expensive than famous celebrities or national/regional influencers, but they are also able to attend local events your business is hosting.

If your campaign is focused on a donation drive, a social media influencer can motivate their audience to participate and donate. They can share the link and even attend special events to help promote and engage with your campaign.

For the past 14 years, Deb Miles on B100 in South Bend has partnered with Martin’s Super Market to raise money during October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. She started this journey in honor of a lifelong friend who passed from breast cancer.

Every October, Miles hosts pop-up stops at different Martin’s locations to sell limited edition items such as drink tumblers or socks. All the proceeds go to RiverBend Cancer Services, an organization that provides support for cancer patients and their families in the Michiana area.

During the campaign, Miles also talks about the pop-up stops on the radio and on her social media page so listeners know where they can meet her to buy the limited edition items. She also highlights the work RIverBend Cancer Services does to help people in the community.   With the help of Martin’s and her loyal and caring listeners, Miles has raised $90,000 for RiverBend Cancer Services.

“In 2022, a man showed up at Martin's in Nappanee while I was there on a pop-up stop and bought 25 tumblers,” Miles said. “His wife was a breast cancer survivor and he wanted to help me get the message out!”

Choosing The Right Influencer To Partner With

When it comes to partnering with an influencer, you want to choose someone who has a personal connection or a passion for the cause or nonprofit your business is supporting.

You also want to partner with someone who has a dedicated and loyal social media following, especially on Facebook or Instagram.

Ask yourself these questions to help you get started.      

  • Do you have a volunteer within your organization that is an influencer?
  • Is there an influencer involved in other campaigns for this cause or nonprofit?
  • Does this nonprofit partner with a media company with on-air personalities who are well-known in the community?
  • Do any of the on-air personalities at that media company have a connection with your cause or nonprofit? 

If you can partner with an influencer that is already familiar with the cause or nonprofit, it’s easier to get them (and their audience) on board with your campaign.

Partnering with a social media influencer who also works at a media company is a great way to extend your message even further because the influencer can talk about your campaign on both social media and on air.

It’s important for businesses to give back, and a cause marketing campaign can make a big impact on a nonprofit and your business.

Partnering with a local social media influencer can enhance your campaign by extending your message to their dedicated audience and motivating them to participate. 

Interested in creating a cause marketing campaign, partnering with a local social media influencer, or both? Federated Media is here to help. 

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Written by Federated Media