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How Live, Local Radio Talent Brings Extra Value To Advertisers

In a world where national satellite radio and AI-driven radio stations are common, we at Federated Media believe that live, local talent matters.

Radio has something that sets it apart from other mediums of entertainment: on-air personalities. Such personalities build trusted relationships with their listeners, which brings about a whole lot of influence.

After all, radio is a local medium by definition. Because of the connections that radio hosts make with their community, radio is a reflection of the area. 

Local talent understands the audience that they’re talking to because they live, work, and play in the same community. That’s why Federated Media has live, local radio hosts on our stations. It gives the best listening experience to our audience while bringing extra value to our advertisers.

Rather than casting a wide net and hoping for the best, advertising with local talent is pinpointed and specific, which creates better results. Let’s discuss a few more methods through which local radio drives people to act. 

Live Broadcasting

Live (AKA remote) broadcasts are a very effective way to advertise. Instead of live talent simply talking about a product, service, or event, they’re present – right there in the flesh, in the thick of it all. Thanks to their popularity, community attention is pretty much guaranteed. 

The radio personality handles all the promotion at a live radio remote, with their own equipment set up on site, and runs the event for about 2-3 hours. They make live call-ins back to the studio two or three times every hour, spending most of the time on-location talking about the business they’re promoting. 

There’s no question that people will be drawn to the business that live and local talent is hyping up. 

Trusted Endorsements

The value that local, live talent brings to advertisers is more than the actions they carry out. It also extends to the feeling of trust they evoke in listeners. They know how to engage audiences and make them feel like a part of the conversation, which is great for advertising.

When live talent has a hand in it, people don’t feel like they’re being forcibly sold something. Instead, they feel like they’re being given a helpful tip from a friend – the inside scoop, especially when the radio host really believes in what they’re saying. This is true for both live endorsements and commercial spots.

Going Beyond the Airwaves

When radio hosts engage the public on social media and appear in public places to promote events/products/services, they strengthen their authority within the community. They also extend their reach, not only reaching people who already listen to the station, but members of the community just passing through, too, whether that’s online or in person. 

Radio hosts qualify as social influencers since they’re so well known around the community, and social influencers have the power to garner attention. Two ways that they can bring value to advertisements include live events and radio commercials. 

At a live event, simply the presence of an influencer will attract an audience – and that audience is more likely to engage with the product or service the influencer is promoting thanks to the influencer’s name and social standing alone. 

When an influencer puts their voice behind something, the trust their audience has in them is transferred to the product, making more people willing to make a purchase. Radio commercials featuring honest endorsements as part of a multimedia influencer marketing campaign can really move the needle for a business.

Cash in on Your Value

If you’re ready to open up a world of opportunities by advertising on the radio with live, local talent, Federated Media can help you get the ball rolling. Get in touch with us today to get started! 

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Written by Federated Media