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How Podcasts and Blogs Fit Your Marketing Strategy

When most people think of content marketing, they probably think of blogs. However, the term is actually much broader, including many online components beyond blogs, such as the closely related eBooks, demonstration videos, and podcasts. 

Like blogs, podcasts are regularly occurring and help to build your online presence through consistent production. It helps your brand get noticed on a different channel, reaching new customers on its medium. You can also leverage your other materials when developing your blogs and podcasts, helping them work together to improve your outreach. 

The Benefit of Podcasts 

Podcasts give your company a versatile medium to share information about your industry and expertise. You can create podcasts and make them available on the usual sites, such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify. However, podcasts also have a place on video channels, such as YouTube, where you record your shows live and make them available on that station, as well. 

In doing so, you can increase the volume of content you provide for your customers and clients, making it easier for them to connect and hear from you. It also allows you to shape content for a variety of preferences. Some people like listening to podcasts as they conduct other tasks, and it lets you reach them when they’re multi-tasking. Blogs will reach people at specific times of their day, when they can focus on reading them. 

It also often comes down to the person’s preferences. Some people prefer podcasts to blogs and offering them allows you to reach them on their level with what interests them. In reaching this niche, you can expand the value and reach of your marketing. 

How Blogs and Podcasts Work Together 

Developing your blogs and podcasts around a unified theme allows you to shape a common message but offer varying levels of detail for each. Blogs, which may rely on quick readability, can’t present as much information as a podcast. For this medium, you can have a guest or co-host as a stand-in for the customer, asking questions for you to address quickly that could take several blog posts to accomplish.   

Podcasts and blogs also create more material for you to share and promote. The more you have to promote on social media and email marketing, the more reason you have to put your brand in front of customers’ faces.  

Both mediums have their benefits, allowing you to reach customers in all the ways they prefer consuming content. To learn more about this topic, check out the link on our sister site’s blog! 

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Written by Federated Media