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How SEM Helps Service Companies Get Ahead of the Competition

E-commerce companies commonly use search engine marketing (SEM) to attract and engage customers. But SEM's potential extends far beyond a single industry. For example, companies in the service sector can leverage SEM to help customers find them online and reach customers at crucial moments during the consumer journey. It can help local customers find them when they need solutions to crucial issues. SEM's flexibility allows you to narrow your outreach to your most likely customers, whether by specialization or location. 

Helping Consumers Find You Online 

Some service companies use SEM significantly since they know consumers search online when they have a home or service issue. By publishing blogs, graphics, and explainer videos, service companies can help consumers understand the difference between a problem they can fix themselves and when they must hire a professional. When consumers realize they should hire a professional to solve the problem, the service company publishing the content has positioned itself as a viable solution. 

Moreover, pairing your content with other marketing channels, such as radio ads, can help drive consumers to your website, branded social media channels, or other digital assets. A well-crafted radio ad could even help consumers become aware they have a problem they did not know they had. By improving your business's search engine ranking position, SEM ads can help consumers find you faster. 

Reaching Consumers at Crucial Moments   

SEM helps service companies connect with people during the beginning of the consumer journey and at its end. It's often the last thing consumers encounter before contacting you by phone or online for more information about hiring your company. In what's known as the Zero Moment of Truth, when consumers evaluate alternatives online, SEM often makes the difference between one solution and another. Capturing the attention of local consumers actively searching for specific solutions is invaluable for service companies and can be accomplished with a well-crafted SEM campaign.  

Read further to learn how SEM can help companies in the service sector attract, engage and convert consumers into customers.  

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