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How St. Jude Donations Help Children Worldwide

When you donate to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, no matter the amount, you make a positive impact on children’s lives all over the world. 

Donations support the prevention of childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. By 2030, St. Jude’s goal is to cure at least 60% of children worldwide with six of the most common types of cancer. 

Your support means they can do research and provide care at no cost to the families who benefit from their services. 

Where Do Donations Go?

You’ve probably seen St. Jude ads before and you understand the gist. But when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, where do donations actually go once they’re given

Yes, donations are used to help fund the research for life-saving cancer treatment, but they’re also used for day-to-day operations as well, like housing, travel, and food for families of patients so they never have to worry about paying a bill. 

The reason every donation makes a difference is because each one ensures a future for St. Jude as a whole. 

Worldwide Impact

St. Jude shares every breakthrough they experience with local hospitals and cancer research centers around the world. Each child saved at St. Jude inspires knowledge that doctors and researchers from around the globe can use to see the same positive results. 

St. Jude Global is a project that was launched with the goal of improving cancer care access to 30% of children across the world within the next 10 years. The goal is for all children with cancer to have access to care, no matter where they live, and each donation brings the organization closer to reaching that goal. 

The impact of St. Jude is about the fundamentals of treatment, too – education. They provide specialized training to international healthcare professionals so they can put such valuable knowledge to use in their own countries. 

How Federated Media Makes a Difference

Thanks to the annual radiothons hosted by K105 out of Fort Wayne and B100 in South Bend, Federated Media has raised more than $8 million for children with cancer around the world. Thanks to the generous donations of our listeners and local businesses, St. Jude’s services will always be free and their impact will continue to grow. 

In 1962, when St. Jude was first founded, the childhood cancer survival rate was 20%. We are happy to say that, after all the work that this reputable organization has done, the survival rate is now at 80% – and with St. Jude’s impact on research and quality of care, that rate will hopefully continue to rise. 

Every child around the world deserves to live a cancer-free life. Thanks to continued donations to the Radiothons and other generous people around the globe, St. Jude can keep working to make it happen. 


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Written by Federated Media