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How To Create Content Your Audience Will Love

Content needs to provide value to an audience in order to be effective. If you’re not creating content your audience will love, you'll struggle to move the needle.

It’s important to understand that when you’re creating content, you need to keep the audience top of mind. Your content is not for your business, it’s for the people whom you want to connect with your brand. You need to create something that inspires an emotional reaction in people, not just something that makes your brand look good.

Your content should entertain, educate and engage your audience to truly be effective. 

Let’s take a look at a few examples of how the content the Federated Media creates on-air provides value to our audience and engages them online.

The Jason Lee and Kluck Show

The Jason Lee and Kluck Show airs weekday mornings 103.9 The Bear in South Bend and on 98.9 The Bear in Fort Wayne, both rock stations. Most morning radio shows play a lot of music, but Jason Lee and Kluck don’t play music at all.

Instead, they talk about current events, wacky news stories and their lives in a funny way. The show is filled with inside jokes. And yes, they talk about music too.

What makes it especially engaging is that Jason Lee and Kluck encourage listeners to join their conversation by sending the show text messages, which the duo read live on air. Many listeners give themselves nicknames, and some have become recurring characters on the show. 

Jason Lee and Kluck create value for their audience through their brand of humor by riffing on relevant cultural topics and having a two-way conversation with their listeners. They also take strong stands on often mundane topics, like the best brand of frozen pizza. Every day, they end the show sharing something they learned over the course of the morning. Jason Lee and Kluck’s audience is entertained, engaged, educated, and emotionally charged simultaneously. It’s no wonder that they’re one of the top radio morning shows in northern Indiana and their podcast receives more than 25,000 downloads every month.

Fort Wayne's Morning News

Fort Wayne’s Morning News airs on News/Talk 1190 WOWO 107.5  FM, a news/talk radio station with a nearly 100-year legacy in northeastern Indiana. Kayla Blakeslee, the host of the show, provides value to the WOWO audience daily by reporting the news and interviewing the important people behind the headlines.

In addition to her successful morning show, Blakeslee provides value to her audience online by repurposing the most important moments of her show into a podcast. 

The podcast is aimed toward listeners who want to stay up on the latest news but may not be able to spend the time listening to the entire live broadcast. Important highlights and interviews are published after the show as individual episodes. Some days there may be 3 episodes of the podcast, while on other days, there may be 5 or more.

Since podcasts are available any time, listeners choose to listen on their terms within their availability. Blakeslee’s podcast helps educate and entertain its listeners with the highlights of the daily news.

The podcast also helps drive listenership back to the station because it’s providing value to members of the WOWO audience who want to stay informed but may not be able to listen to the morning show because of their schedule. 

The Fort Wayne’s Morning News podcast drives more than 6,500 downloads every month — proving that the content is very valuable to WOWO listeners.

Creating great content is key to engaging an online audience, but it’s not the only tactic. Learn more in the blog post How To Engage an Audience Online from Federated Digital Solutions.

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Written by Federated Media