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How To Update Your Radio Messaging During An Inventory Shortfall

Running low on inventory because your products are selling like hotcakes is a good problem to have. 

But if you’re running radio ads promoting inventory that’s now in a shortfall, you don’t want to keep drawing people into your business if you can’t sell them that product. 

The beauty of radio is how fast you can change your messaging. 

If you suddenly find yourself in an inventory shortfall, you can make a change to your radio commercials as quickly as within a day, if need be. In fact, you probably should. 

You’ve already got the momentum of making sales and you don’t want to lose that. But the consumer journey doesn’t stop just because your inventory is running low. If you’re in an inventory shortfall, you’ve done a great job of converting those leads into sales, which gives you an opportunity to focus on a different part of the journey. 

People are constantly researching products and companies to find the products that fit their needs. Radio is an incredibly popular platform — 92% of American adults listen to the radio each week — which makes it a great avenue to attract new customers. 

By transitioning from a direct promotion call-to-action to brand awareness campaign, your business can stay top-of-mind while you rebuild your stock. With a simple and quick shift in messaging, you can keep your marketing consistent and remain present to consumers. 

Radio is a great way to drive search, so a change in your call-to-action to visit your website or social media pages can help usher people along their consumer journey. They may be able to find new products that they didn’t even know they were looking for! 

Having a branding campaign already set up makes the marketing shift even easier. Work proactively with your radio account executive to have branding commercials ready to go so you waste no time in advertising. 

To discover other strategies to adjust your marketing, read How To Optimize Your Marketing During An Inventory Shortfall by Federated Digital Solutions. 

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