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Is Radio Right for Your Business, Right Now?

Many businesses are finding radio ads to be a worthwhile venture. One of the many recent success stories involves an auto body shop in the small town of Paducah, Kentucky, whose owner had a history in radio broadcasting and used it to his advantage to help his business flourish. Over the last 11 years, Robert Lindsey turned to a local station for affordable ads and found that it worked wonders for him. Lindsey isn't alone, either.

Why Radio Works

Radio ads are still a powerful marketing tool. What is it about radio ads that draw in so many customers? Here are a few reasons why radio can resonate so well with your company's audience.

Radio Ads Reach Many People

Radio is still the platform that reaches the most listeners. It's no secret that the older generation listens to the radio more often. A recent report showed that 91% of all adults over the age of 50 still listened to radio ads. This study also found that up to 94% of millennials also are exposed to radio ads.

This report shows that using radio ads is a great way to reach more diverse groups of people. Nearly all of the Hispanic and Black individuals surveyed confirmed that they still listened to the radio. If you need to expand your customer base, radio ads are the best way.

A Station For Everyone

There are so many stations on the radio, from Top 40 to political talk shows. When you run a radio ad, you don't have to limit it to one station. By running ads on multiple stations, you're guaranteed to reach a wider variety of listeners. Different radio stations can also help you determine if your business will interest their primary audience.

It's also important to remember that listeners usually tune in to multiple radio stations throughout the week. Still, even if you only advertise on one station, there's a good chance you're reaching multiple groups of people. Another important factor to consider is when your ad should air. Radio ads that run during the morning commute are generally the most successful.

Enticing Ads

Radio ads are still interesting even without accompanying visuals. Employing the use of sound effects and enthusiastic voiceovers can really make your ads stand out. You may also want to consider making a short jingle that sticks in the listener's head.

Even if the listener wasn't interested in your company's product before, a memorable radio ad could draw them in. Determining the length of your ad could be tricky. A thirty-second ad may be too long for some listeners, while others may prefer minute-long ads. The most effective ads are both creative and concise.

The Power of Loyal Listeners

Millions of Americans listen to the radio multiple times throughout the day. Frequency is key when it comes to ads, but loyal listeners may need a little less persuasion. Even if you only run your ad during one time of the day, the most loyal listeners will probably hear it eventually. These repeat listeners can also help boost your sales by recommending your business.

For example, maybe you're advertising an auto repair shop. Even if the listener doesn't need their car fixed, they may know someone who does. After listening to your ad, they may mention it to friends or family as a possible resource.

Radio Ads are Easily Accessible

To see online or televised ads, customers have to purchase an internet or cable plan. However, it costs absolutely nothing to tune in to AM/FM radio in the car. Radio has always been highly accessible, which contributes to its continued success.

Radio stations are adapting to the new on-demand world by making sure that their stations are available through apps on mobile devices and at home smart speakers. Many music format stations are also offering their listeners curated experiences that allow listeners to still engage with the radio brand, but also select the music they’d like to hear. It’s like combining the best of on demand audio services and at the same time they get to hear their favorite on-air personality.

Radio ads are also highly useful for marketing to multi-taskers. Those with busy lifestyles don't have as much idle time to watch television or mindlessly browse the web. Radio ads reach these individuals without interrupting their work schedules. Many people also turn on the radio as background noise while working or even doing chores around the house.

Radio Is Always Adapting

Like other media, radio is always changing to meet the demands of improving technology and connectivity. Radio is no longer limited to traditional stations. Radio was the first in media to adapt to the at-home smart speaker, making it extremely convenient for listeners at home. Building a radio station based on a user's listening preferences was the first skill that smart speakers developed. Listeners can also download online radio apps and listen directly from their smartphones.

Why Radio Is Right for Your Business

Radio may be the oldest ad medium, but it's still one of the best ones available. Great ads attract more customers and increase the sales of your business. That makes radio an invaluable asset to your business.

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Written by Federated Media