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Now's the Time to Put Digital Marketing, Radio to Work

Using Radio and Digital To Connect in Crisis

Amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, with Americans staying home and businesses interrupted, local advertisers may tighten their ad spending. But homebound consumers still need essential goods and services. They’re spending hours listening to audio and online, creating opportunities for local businesses to connect. Instead of pulling back, marketers should lean into radio and digital marketing. Now might just be the time to embrace radio and digital marketing.

A new report from Nielsen noted that at-home radio listening is up 26%, and users are accessing radio streams via smart speakers, smartphones, and computers. Also, 83% of consumers say they’re listening to as much or more radio as they were before the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumers also are spending hours a day online.

Of course, in challenging times like this, building a new advertising strategy isn’t at the top of many businesses’ to-do lists. That’s where it helps to have experts in your corner. At Federated Digital Solutions, we offer comprehensive digital marketing services and work in tandem with our colleagues at Federated Digital Media radio stations. 

On digital, local businesses can utilize several tools to boost their targeting and results. By improving search engine optimization, businesses can increase traffic and generate more leads. A regularly updated blog will help your company stay in touch with clients and keep them apprised of your current status, services, and employees well-being. Similarly, regular posts on social media will keep your company top-of-mind and can generate business. At Federated Digital Solutions, we can assist with your digital marketing efforts, while also helping you streamline your efforts with radio.

On the radio side, our local stations are a vital lifeline in the community. Advertising on local radio delivers broad reach to communicate with customers, and it is an ideal complement to targeted digital advertising.   

For more information on how Federated Digital Solutions and Federated Media can help your business grow at this challenging time, please reach out to our experienced local sales representatives.

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Written by Paul Altman