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See the Federated Media Difference in Action (We're More than Radio)

Federated Media has been in the business of promoting companies like yours in the Fort Wayne and South Bend areas for decades now. We have helped numerous organizations get the word out about who they are and what they offer, and we strive to entertain the listeners while doing so. Although Federated Media began in an age without the internet, we have continually adapted and offered a wide range of marketing platforms and tactics to stir interest in your business and drive sales.  

The Federated Media Difference 

Federated Media currently owns a total of 12 radio stations in northern Indiana. The company has humble roots, as it started in the 1950s by acquiring a couple of local radio stations. Although radio is often thought of as an old-school, non-trackable advertising method by some marketing agencies, we have been able to carefully adapt radio to keep up with the needs of today's companies and consumers.  

One of the main ways we have kept the art of radio marketing impactful is by creating radio marketing campaigns tied in with other forms of marketing. For instance, our email, digital, and podcast marketing services work together to foster a sense of familiarity, trust, and expertise among viewers and listeners.  

For example, our content marketing solutions include a variety of services that capture the attention of prospective customers and make them excited about your brand and what it has to offer. Some of our favorite distribution methods within our content marketing solutions include: 

  • Email newsletters 
  • Infographics 
  • Social media campaigns 
  • Sweepstakes 
  • Blog posts 

By combining the above content marketing strategies with other modes of marketing, like radio, we can create a unique campaign that will speak to your customers honestly and provide trackable results for your marketing initiatives.  

Benefit from an Integrated Approach 

Although Federated Media's reputation is mainly as a radio company for the past several decades, we have a team of experts that create unique and comprehensive marketing packages. Some businesses, for example, may benefit most from radio and email-specific marketing campaigns. In contrast, others may be better able to capture the interest of potential customers through a combination of radio, digital, and content marketing.  

Our team of experts will work with you to determine which types of marketing combinations might work best for your company and its potential customers, and we have the tools to help execute your marketing campaign the right way on the first try. Our integrated approach can help to drastically increase recognition and recall among your target market while also keeping your brand at the top of their minds.  

Some small business owners prefer to try to create their marketing campaigns. Some succeed after making continuous efforts to learn the trade by making minor tweaks to their marketing materials and campaigns over time to create a campaign that provides a commendable return on investment. For those who don't have the time or resources to learn how to develop integrated marketing campaigns on the fly, we provide affordable, effective, and highly customizable combination packages. They can help you get the results you want right away without having to study your customers at length, choose the right fonts for marketing materials, and more.  

Grow Your Business with Old Values & New Ideas 

Federated Media has a rich history of continuously adapting to new technologies and innovations. Yet, the company still holds onto tried and true methods of marketing that continue to provide value for our customers and yours. That provides us with a wide range of experiences and case studies, which gives our team valuable insight into which types of marketing tend to work for which industries. We also use cutting-edge data analytics to measure what currently works, which tweaks could help improve the campaign's effectiveness and provide other important insights about what customers want from your brand.  

Each marketing channel presents a unique opportunity to catch customers at different moments and steps during their customer journey. Federated Media has always made the marketing process feel natural and genuine. For example, our radio ads can increase brand awareness, build trust, and prompt people to find your business's website. Meanwhile, our online marketing offerings provide an easier way for customers to locate your website, learn more about your business, and see what you have to offer.  

Our marketing approach is less about being forceful and aggressive. Instead, it is more about giving customers enough value to lead them to seek out your brand when it makes sense.  

Get in Touch with Federated Media Today 

If your brand is ready to take its marketing game to the next level, Federated Media can provide just the solutions you need. We've been a trusted media partner in Indiana for over 50 years, and we have helped thousands of clients spread the word about their business and drive sales to peaks that went beyond expectations.  

Contact us to learn more about who we are and how we can help your company convert more sales in the short and long term!  

Written by Deb Williams