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Why Match Your Radio and Digital Display Advertising Messages

Radio advertising is an invaluable tool to spread brand awareness of your business, products, and services. It allows you to reach a large, often dedicated listenership with your marketing messages. That it’s an incredibly local medium, as well, means you’re reaching the people in your area, whom you know and understand.

While it’s highly effective by itself, you can enhance your radio campaign’s success with targeted digital display ads. You can use display ads to specifically target the people in your area, as well as those who will best fit the image of your customer.   

The Benefit of Targeted Display Ads 

Display ads are the banner and rectangular ads that show up on desktops, apps, and mobile devices. They appear alongside the content people view and use online, helping to increase brand awareness during the early and middle stages of the consumer journey. Their effectiveness is in their targeting, allowing you to reach and identify potential customers through demographics, interests, online habits, and other variables.  

They are flexible and attention-grabbing when targeted to the right audience, helping to generate leads, especially for items with longer sales’ cycles. Properly targeting your audience also helps you use your budget well, as it makes it more likely you’re showing ads to the people most likely to buy from you. 

Reach Your Ideal Customers 

Knowing your customers is an essential part of targeting your advertising. You must research who will likely need your products or services. Once you have this understanding, your targeted ads will be able to appear to people based on their online habits. You can reach customers through tactics, such as: 

  • Category Contextual – Target your ads to relevant content your customers will likely see.   
  • Keyword Contextual – Target the keywords your ideal audience uses to find blogs, articles, online forums, and social media. 
  • Geo-Fencing – Target customers by their physical locations, such as specific events, stores, or landmarks, through their mobile devices. 
  • Search Retargeting – Identify targets based on past searches for products using specific keywords or phrases to show ads for things they had looked for online. 
  • Site Retargeting – Advertise to those who previously visited your website, as they are already likely interested in your products and have a higher chance of purchasing. 

Combine Your Digital and Radio Strategy

Learning which radio shows and stations your customers use will also allow you to make radio ads specifically for them. Then, you can use the information you received to target that same audience more effectively, helping to build credibility for your digital ads and reach people throughout a longer phase of their consumer journey. You can encourage customers to look for your products online and keep your brand top of mind whenever they have need of your services.

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