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SEO Algorithm's Evolution Over the Years

As search engines become increasingly sophisticated, their algorithms evolve accordingly and become more adept at bringing relevant, quality information to people searching online. SEO has steadily adopted a “people first” approach over traditional keywords, aiming to match a search engine’s results with what it perceives the person needs. 

Keeping your blogging and content strategy updated to the changing trends helps you implement an optimal SEO campaign. 

Search Engines Prioritize User Intent 

Google algorithms are highly complex but also very capable of delivering relevant results. They sort through large amounts of information, then filter it according to user behavior, location, and page ranking. However, increasingly its search engines focus on user intent as of a 2016 update that shifted priority to long-tail keywords. That trend continues to influence how users receive information by matching it based on whether someone wants to find information or a storefront. 

Keeping Up with Ongoing Changes 

That “people first” trend continues by prioritizing unique input instead of low-quality or generated content. Instead of directly matching keywords by the circumstance of volume, it instead chooses to present articles intended to help people. Developing content for usefulness is more likely to generate traction and results and will benefit your business further. 

Search engine results tend to fall into categories, such as: 

Arts and Entertainment 

Online education materials 



Google recently released the “Helpful Content” update to provide even more quality results with results from across the web. Where results may have previously come up with aggregated results, it will now result with in-depth results that provide greater context. 

Partner with an Expert to Stay on Top of New Trends 

Keeping up with the continuing changes is incredibly challenging and an insurmountable task when balancing it alongside running your business. Especially when trying to establish your industry authority, the time saved by having expert guidance on developing a strategy to gain traction and implementing it is incredibly beneficial, especially to new businesses. Partnering with an expert who can help you balance content of various types and lengths, such as blogs vs. video, short-form vs. long-form, or guest posts vs. on-site articles. 

A media partner can also help you balance content with other forms of advertising, or ensure your site shows up in searches while you still increase your SEO rankings. Combining a content strategy with traditional advertising, such as radio, helps establish your branding so well that people will search for your brand directly, helping to gain search traction quicker by showing that people want something from your site. 

To learn more about Google’s algorithms, check out the full blog on our sister site, Federated Digital Solutions. 

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Written by Federated Media