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The ABCs of SEO

The ABCs of SEO

In digital marketing, “SEO” is a three-letter phrase that is critical to your business.  You might hear the term tossed around in meetings, but a lot of people don’t understand what it is or how it works. Short for “search engine optimization”, SEO is a digital marketing strategy to maximize your businesses’ placement in search results and traffic to your website. More visitors to your website equals more brand engagement, lead generation, and sales. 

To boost your search results, brands need to prioritize SEO. Here are some ideas to build a successful SEO strategy:

A robust website: Search engines--namely Google--reward websites rich with keywords and original content with higher search positions. To earn a top spot, make sure your website content includes information on your company, your industry, and your expertise. If you are part of any industry organizations or have received awards, be sure to include that as well. Pay attention to each page on your site, not just the homepage, and make sure they are regularly updated, and include contacts and business details. 

Blog:  A blog is a great way to add timely original content to your website. Posts can offer advice, insights and current news that pertains to your business and industry, and are of interest to your customers. Blogs are a powerful tool for SEO because they’re original content and can include multiple search terms and keywords. You can use your blog posts as fodder for social media posts, e-newsletters and even home page articles. 

Content on social media:  Your social media accounts can drive traffic to your website and in search, so be sure to post relevant information and link back to your site. Post regularly to the social channels that are most popular with your customers. While Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the obvious choices, don’t forget other popular networks like Pinterest, Snapchat, and even TikTok. 

Directories and organizations: Anytime your business is mentioned on another website, it can help your search positioning. So, encourage your satisfied customers and clients to post reviews on third-party sites, including Google and Yelp. If you’re part of an industry organization or professional association, to increase your presence, supply them with information on your company, contact information, and your website address for their online directory.  

With some online legwork and planning, you can increase your visibility on search and grow your business. Of course, it helps to have experienced SEO professionals in your corner. At Federated Digital Solutions, we have the digital and technical expertise to maximize your SEO and boost your business.

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Written by Paul Altman