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Tips to Develop Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy

Even during the best times, it can be challenging to attract the talent you need. With employees on the hunt for the best job opportunities, it's important always to put your best foot forward. As you implement your marketing strategy, it's best to integrate your recruitment efforts into your broader marketing plans. 

Conveying Your Culture Through Your Online Assets 

As you refresh and refurbish your website to match your marketing strategy, you want to ensure it reflects your company culture. You should always assume some portion of your website traffic comes from active or would-be job seekers researching positions. So, you should make sure that your blogging and video content incorporates content about your organizational culture. 

The same holds true for your social media platforms and other branded digital assets. If your brand voice is flat and dull, job seekers will assume your company is a dull place to work. Strive to optimize your entire online presence to resonate with customers and talent alike. 

Driving Recruitment with Radio and Digital   

These days, you're unlikely to get the talent you need just by using job boards. For your recruitment, you should focus most of your efforts on marketing tactics, like radio ads, and custom audience targeting. You can use radio ads to showcase your corporate culture and drive traffic to your site. You can also use custom audience targeting to brand to people who are searching online for available positions.    

While optimizing radio and other digital ads to drive recruits to your website, you must make sure your creative is inviting and engaging. You want to immerse them in your organizational culture and inspire them to want to join your team.  

Radio recruitment ads’ effectiveness stems from reaching people at key moments surrounding their jobs, such as during commutes or even at work. It gives businesses the opportunity to entertain and entice people while they’re thinking about their jobs. Some of the best candidates to reach with your recruiting ads are those already in established roles, as you know they have experience and can thrive in a working environment. Radio is the best method to reach those people. 

Showcasing Why People Want to Work with You 

Rather than just highlighting your company's successes and job perks, you'll want to show job seekers the intrinsic benefits of working at your company. Talk to top performers to understand what it is about their job that they find most fulfilling to get some insight. Is it the vital role your employees play in a fast-growing company? Is it the familial company culture? Or perhaps it's the professional credibility your employees enjoy that their industry peers recognize? 

Use these insights to craft creative that illustrate the job satisfaction that your employees feel working at your company. Make sure this creative and your broader marketing efforts are as seamless as possible, though, or neither will resonate as strongly with their intended audience as they should. To learn more about integrating digital marketing and recruitment strategies, click here

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Written by Federated Media