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Understanding the Future of Facebook Ads

The online world is constantly changing, and Facebook is preparing to make some big shifts itself. Aside from changing their name, they’re also implementing a series of changes to their privacy policy. However, one of the biggest areas of concern is the shift with Facebook ads, one of their biggest realms and one that has significant implications for those who rely on it for their business livelihoods. 

How Facebook Changed in 2022 

Facebook’s most significant change is the removal of Detailed Targeting options. Since January 2022, Facebook limits targeting users based on “sensitive” topics and interests, such as religious, sexual, and political views, and prevents the mention of health causes such as "lung cancer awareness" or other conditions. 

Publicly, Facebook stated they removed detailed targeting after carefully considering competing interests. Regulatory pressure and public opinion likely played prominent roles in the decision. However, Facebook is an enormous platform that will continue to help you reach your core demographics with its messaging. 

Facebook is a Robust and Resilient System 

Regardless of the changes it implements and its limitations on targeting, Facebook is still a massive system that offers many opportunities to reach your customers. These policy shifts don’t change that Facebook is still the biggest social media network globally. Some 69% of American adults use Facebook periodically, compared to only 40% for Instagram and 28% for LinkedIn. This rate is even one percentage point higher (70%) for adults aged 18-29. 

Allocating business resources to social media marketing (and Facebook ads in particular) will still help your company generate exposure, traffic, sales, and partnerships that would be otherwise inaccessible. Even without detailed targeting, you can reach people local to your business or within specific regions.  

Keep Facebook Part of Your Ad Strategy 

Facebook ads are a critical component in your broader marketing plan, helping to leverage your other, ongoing marketing. As part of a diversified mix that should include traditional media such as radio, Facebook helps to raise brand awareness across all marketing channels and drastically improve your ability to reach customers. 

To learn more about how to keep up with the current trends and make Facebook part of your broader mix, check out this full blog from our sister site, Federated Digital Solutions. 

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