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What Makes Facebook Video Unique Amongst Video Marketing

Video has established itself in online marketing, especially with the rise of social media. With the thriving success of TikTok, the social media world reinvented itself to adopt video at all levels. Facebook’s video services offer businesses many options for marketing and offer an accessible path to launching a video campaign. 

Facebook Video Formats 

Video is a varied medium, and that’s true for Facebook as well. It offers multiple types of video just on its platform alone. Businesses need to understand each video format to know which will serve their company best. These include: 

  • Facebook Video Ads 
  • Video on Facebook Feeds (Native Video) - note this is why videos can be longer 
  • Facebook Stories 
  • Facebook Live 
  • Linking Video on Other Platforms 

Facebook video ads catch the audience’s attention as they scroll through posts. The algorithm prioritizes video, which helps you reach your audience more effectively. It gives your brand a huge opportunity to leverage the billions of people on Facebook to increase brand awareness and grow your company. 

Get Started with Video Using Facebook 

Video exists on many platforms beyond Facebook, and it offers businesses a low-cost option to test out video before launching a broader strategy. Though the medium is smaller, the principles of video creation are universal across all video platforms. You’ll need to learn the same skills of recording and editing. These are skills you can also leverage in other mediums, like radio, which uses audio only. The principles of writing, recording, and editing works for both.  

To learn more about how your company can benefit from Facebook video from the full blog on our sister site, Federated Digital Solutions. 

Written by Federated Media