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Why Clear, Concise Copy is the Cornerstone of a Flourishing Website

Web copy is the cornerstone of a web page. It provides customers with pertinent and valuable information, improving your brand image and increasing the likelihood customers will purchase your products or services. However, when done incorrectly, it can make customers seek information elsewhere, never to return to your page again. Writing good copy isn't as complicated as it may sound, but there are a few essential things to keep in mind while doing so.

Read on to learn more about what makes copy effective and how excellent copy can benefit your business. 

Elements of Good Copy

Elements of good copy can vary significantly by industry, though good copy universally presents customer pain points and provides your company with a comprehensive solution. In addition, compelling copy reads in a voice that resonates with your audience and ends with a clear and concise call to action. That voice may be casual but informative, or it may be more formal and technical, depending upon your customers' preferences.

When most people think of web copy, they think of home pages and landing pages first. Web copy also includes compelling landing pages and blog posts on a variety of topics too. The best and most effective web copy gives visitors and prospective customers a story about your brand. It seamlessly promotes your company's products and services without appearing too pushy or invasive.

Benefits of Good Copy

Good copy has the potential to bring more customers to your web page than ever before, especially when they seek answers to questions that commonly show up in search engine inquiries. Focusing on making the best copy also gives you something to share or use with your digital marketing materials. Distributing content through social media and email increases the likelihood your prospects will see it, and if it isn’t seen, even the best copy will have little value.

Besides bringing more people to your page, good copy also:

Keeps Customers on Your Page 

When customers stumble upon your page, they won't stick around long enough to make a purchase or learn about your company unless they see something that interests them. Good copy can help them find the answer to their questions. It can also make them curious about other topics or your company. 

Bad copy makes customers hit the back button quickly. Either it doesn't hold their attention or answer their questions, prompting them to leave and find their information elsewhere, completely forgetting about your site and services in the process. You can determine engagement through complex analytics, like bounce rate, which indicates how quickly customers leave your page. Increased time on a web page is correlated with more success and sales, while high bounce rates suggest a need for improvement.

Forms a Lasting Customer Relationship

Excellent copy builds trust among potential customers when it conveys easily understood information. By providing free and helpful resources, like blog posts and guides, visitors will begin to view your company as a proper authority on the topics they seek to research. If your copy is compelling enough, they may return to your page later to learn more about your company or browse more blog posts. Capturing attention to that extent enhances your company's brand recognition by developing better relationships with a significant group of people.

Excellent copy provides a direct communication channel with your brand's audience. It may prompt people to comment or follow up with further questions and inquiries that allow you to present your products as a solution in an even more convincing way. Plus, when customers trust your company, they'll likely follow through with purchases. It's challenging to build trust with customers, and good copy is one of the simplest ways to develop these relationships.

Demonstrates What Solutions You Provide

It can be hard to visualize what your products or services can do for a customer unless you provide concrete examples and case studies about how your company swooped in to provide an efficient solution. Web copy can outline common problems your customers faced until they came to you and purchased this software or piece of equipment and how their productivity has skyrocketed since.

Web copy can also include real customer testimonials, which are powerful ways to demonstrate what your company does to address customer pain points. It can allow your customers to truly visualize how your company is different from the competition, especially regarding previous customers' results.

Web Copy Leads Customers Through Your Customer Journey

Web copy is often what introduces customers to your brand, and great copy leaves a positive, lasting impression. When crafted and distributed effectively, web copy can be a powerful and cost-effective tool in your marketing arsenal, but it can take some time to produce copy that gets results. However, a media partner can help you create quality copy that resonates with your audience right away without any effort from you.   Your media partner can also help you develop and enhance your email database and social media following.

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Krystal Vivian

Written by Krystal Vivian

Krystal Vivian is the Director of Social Media and Content Marketing for Federated Media. She has more than 10 years of experience using written content, podcasts, and social media to help businesses build trust and deep relationships with their audiences. A former journalist turned digital marketer, Krystal is passionate about powerful storytelling and great user experiences. She believes in creating compelling content as part of an overall marketing strategy to drive measurable results for businesses.