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Why Radio Should Be Your Go-To for Digital Advertising

It’s a well-known fact that radio advertising helps local businesses connect with customers and get feet in stores, but local radio can also deliver on digital platforms. In fact, digital ad sales and services are one of radio’s fastest-growing businesses, with more stations than ever are offering sophisticated digital options. More local clients are entrusting radio with their digital work and, last year, one-quarter of local radio advertisers also bought digital ad solutions from radio stations, according to a new report from the RAB and Borrell Associates.

Local radio broadcasters billed $804 million in digital ad sales last year and are expected to take in $949 million in 2019, the report noted. While that’s a drop in the bucket compared to on-air ad sales revenue, digital ad sales jumped 15% last year and that’s impressive growth.  In fact, digital ad sales now represent 7.5% of the average station’s ad revenues, the report said.

Stations are delivering the most popular digital services, including SEO, website work and social media management, and the latest innovations, such as streaming video ads. As an industry, radio is more committed than ever to marketing our digital solutions and the RAB/Borrell report says 57% of stations are including digital in every sales pitch.

And while Facebook, Google and Amazon collect the lion’s share of digital ad dollars, local radio stations have an advantage of being local experts. We know your market, your business and your customers.

“Stations are clearly offering a level of marketing expertise to their customers that makes the digital buy ‘safe’ and certainly stronger when combined with radio spots,” said Borrell CEO Gordon Borrell.

At Federated Digital Solutions, our digital experts craft advanced solutions that compliment on-air radio advertising. We help clients achieve their goals faster and more efficiently by offering customized plans that include social engagement, lead generation and audience targeting. Our services work seamlessly with radio advertising to provide a comprehensive, 360-degree media strategy.

While it is great that 25% of radio advertisers are also buying digital solutions, that leaves three-quarters of the market left on the sidelines. Radio stations need to work diligently to communicate our digital capabilities to current and potential clients. At Federated Digital Solutions, we’re committed to leading this charge.  Contact us to see how we can help implement a digital media plan that delivers for your business.

Written by Paul Altman