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Why You Should Incorporate Digital Advertising With Your Radio Spots

By integrating digital advertising into your radio campaign, you can often expand your reach, increase your brand recognition, and increase customer interaction with your brand. Working with a media partner helps you create more effective campaign integration. It also enables you to deliver the creative material you need for your campaign to excel.

Further Target Your Audience

Your radio ad targets people who are likely to listen to particular radio spots at a given time of day. Digital advertising allows you to take your radio--and that targeting effort--a step further. 

Radio Drives Search 

If no one can find you online, you have a serious problem. 

Imagine, for example, that you advertise a new product that can solve a serious pain point for your customers. They're excited about it and can't wait to learn more--but when they go online, they can't find anything about the product. Customers may quickly lose interest in that solution and choose the one that they can find online, instead.

Practice searching for yourself from a consumer’s perspective. Look at what search results pop up when you search for specific products or industry keywords, not just your company name. If your competitors are more likely to show up than you are, it's time for you to take a hard look at your digital marketing efforts--and make sure that you're producing the content your business ultimately needs to be successful. 

Once you bring someone to your website through a radio ad, you want to rebrand to them by delivering display ads that fit their needs. If prospects come to your site because they've heard something they want to learn more about, you want to give them the information they're looking for while encouraging them to make a purchase. It’s also important to note that if you bring people to your site, your site MUST be mobile friendly, or ideally responsive to the device that people are searching on.  Most searches occur on a mobile device.  If your site isn’t mobile friendly, you also risk losing the customer.  

Serves as a Follow-Up to Your Radio Spots

Every customer won't get to listen to your entire radio spot every time. They may have tuned in late and missed the radio spot. They might not have been able to listen on a specific day. Customers might even have caught part of the radio spot, but not finished the entire spot before needing to head off to another task. Your digital ads are a highly effective way to follow up on your radio ads and help fill in the information your customers may have missed. You can use them to stay top of mind and increase the impressions made on your target audience. 

Digital Advertising Allows Your Audience to Put a Visual Aid to Your Brand

Radio ads are great because they can reach your audience when they need to be hands-free or don't have access to their devices. They're available to customers during their commute or when they're at the office and can't connect with your brand directly through other means. 

A visual aid through digital advertising further expresses your vision, makes you more visible to your customers, and helps a potential customer make a purchasing decision.

It Can Expand Your Reach

Digital advertising can often reach people that might not have heard your radio spot that day or who might not be listening to that station at all. This can, in turn, lead them to the radio for further information after seeing the digital components of the campaign. Digital ads can easily be shared on platforms used by your listeners and customers, which can help introduce your brand to new prospects. By integrating the digital element with your radio advertising efforts, you can often provide your listeners with the means to share their acquired information. 

You’ll also find that you can experience a wide range of benefits, from expanding your reach to increasing the touches you have with your potential customers.



Written by Federated Media