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12 Questions Federated Media Asks to Understand Their Client Needs (and Follow-Up)

Understanding a client's needs is the foundation of any successful business. Delivering results and helping customers relies on finding where customer needs overlap with the company's solutions. 

Asking the right questions and proactively listening when clients answer helps find that point, regardless of your industry. It’s also the method Federated Media uses to learn how they can best help clients achieve their goal. Here are some example questions of what Federated Media asks clients to understand their needs better.  

How to Ask Questions (and Make the Most of the Answers)  

There's a skill to asking questions, and active listening is a core component of that. Most businesses spend decades and tons of money on data that tells them what they need to know about their customers to serve them better. So, when in the unique position to work so closely with clients to learn more about what they want, need, and expect. Listening is crucial to meeting those goals for them.  

Companies must actively listen and wait before compiling and offering solutions. Doing so as a strategy helps you earn more customers and better accommodate client needs. 

Federated Media practices this to ensure partnership and empower businesses instead of trying to get by on the bare minimum. It is also what sets Federated Media apart from many others in the industry.  

Top Discovery Questions to Ask   

Not every client knows what they need and how to meet their goals.  The purpose of the discovery process is to determine and understand these needs, so the sales professional can figure out how to accommodate them appropriately.   

Discovery questions uncover all the ins and outs of a client's business to understand better what products and services can resolve their problems and meet their expectations efficiently. For instance, the client's answers will uncover everything from existing needs and goals to their problems and pain points.  

 Furthermore, asking questions builds emotional intelligence. That means that asking questions increases a company’s ability to learn about and help client businesses grow accordingly. The more you can learn about others’ businesses, and businesses generally, makes you more capable of helping more companies in the future. That institutional experience allows Federated Media to help clients further their goals.  

Federated Media's Discovery Questions 

Asking the right questions and key follow-up questions during the discovery process requires proper care. It's crucial to avoid overwhelming clients while still getting the necessary information. 

For some extra inspiration, here are the top questions to ask clients to understand their business and needs better: 

  1. What features of your business do you pay the most attention to? And why?     
  2. What parts of your business make up the bulk of your sales? What aspects of your business would you most like to grow?  
  3. What does the day-to-day of your company look like?  
  4. What key business results do you want to achieve this year? And what plans do you currently have in place to achieve these results?  
  5. Which results have you had trouble achieving? What are the biggest challenges you're currently up against?  
  6. What separates your business from your competitors? Why do people buy from you, and what do they NOT buy from you?       
  7. How has your business changed in the last two years? Has this change had a positive or negative effect on your business?     
  8. What is the current path to purchase for your consumers?    
  9. Currently, what metrics are you evaluating, and how does that impact what success looks like?   
  10. What's the most prominent challenge your industry is facing today?   
  11. What would you consider the average sale is? What's the lifetime value of a customer for you?   
  12. What results do you need from this meeting so that a year from now, you'll know it was the most helpful and consequential meeting you ever took?  

Federated Media: Solutions Tailored to Our Clients' Needs  

Federated Media knows so much about asking the right questions and listening intently to client answers because they already tailor all their solutions to client needs. They understand that not every client is the same, and therefore, every client deserves a unique and relevant approach to marketing to reach their advertising goals. Check out these client case studies or contact the team directly to see how Federated Media tailors solutions to different client needs.  

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Written by Federated Media