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How Radio Enhances Addressable Geofencing

For small businesses, reaching your local audience is a crucial part of establishing and growing your business. Using location-based marketing helps to develop your presence with people in your surrounding area, letting you reach the people within distance of visiting your location or that you’re capable of servicing.

Radio consistently offers a rich communication channel to the people within your area, letting you use a trusted resource to reach local listeners. Addressable geofencing is another resource that allows you to target your audience based on specific home addresses, letting you personalize materials based on your customer’s needs.

What is Addressable Geofencing?

Addressable geofencing targets addresses based on geographic regions, using a curated, mailing list to learn where your customers live. It allows you to target customers with high accuracy and has a high match rate based on interest. Addressable geofencing increases foot traffic back returning to a business location, tracks conversions for ROI, and enhances the frequency and reach of any campaign across multiple digital devices. 

How Does Addressable Geofencing Work?

While it may sound complicated, addressable geofencing requires little effort from businesses, especially when working with a media partner. Business owners must simply:

  • Upload a list of physical addresses into the program 
  • Match the addresses with data relating to the address’s location and size 
  • Deliver specific ads to these locations using display, video, and OTT ads through electronic devices such as desktops, laptops, video, tablets, smartphones, Smart TVs gaming devices

Curating your own lists is the better course to take, as that ensures your customers shared their addresses with you. You can use your email and social media channels to encourage customers to provide this information. You can also use your radio campaigns to drive consumers to your site or lend credibility to your marketing materials.

Radio helps you build strong promotions for your services, which help you build databases of customer email and physical addresses. That information can be leveraged with addressable geofencing by providing a list of people and areas to target. Customers who hear your ad on the radio, then visit your site become a part of your network, helping increase your ad’s effectiveness. 

Succeed with a Combined Strategy

Addressable geofencing helps to enhance your other marketing materials, helping you build credibility and a core following by reaching customers repeatedly. Radio and digital already help to build upon your marketing materials, and addressable geofencing improves your digital and direct mail advertising. You can directly target the people most likely interested in your services, providing similar messages consistently to convince people to act and keep your business top of mind if they need your services again. 


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