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How Showing Off Your Culture Helps You Recruit and Retain Talent

Over the past couple of years, employers have likely noticed differences in prospective employee demands when looking to join a company. Employees no longer want to work for a company that hands them a paycheck and expects them to work long hours without a meaningful cause. These days, employees seek companies with a supportive workplace culture, which is increasingly a top priority for many people in the workforce.  

If your company is consistently struggling to find and maintain the right talent, it might be time to alter and advertise your company culture. We cover more about how to reduce hiring and retention costs below. 

Quality Culture Empowers Employees 

Every organization has a culture regardless of whether they put effort into fostering one. Companies that don't actively create a positive, welcoming, and inclusive culture may inadvertently create one that is hostile, overly competitive, and unsupportive. Gen Z and Millennial employees are less willing to tolerate organizational cultures that don't provide a means for them to grow professionally.  

While this may all sound like feel-good, mumbo jumbo to some, studies have shown that employees work harder and are more productive for bosses that regularly show kindness and compassion. Employees are motivated to do their best work for bosses that treat them like human beings rather than numbers that you can easily replace.  

This productivity can increase further if you support employees with a great boss and organization. That can mean that the organization focuses on an important cause, provides excellent employee benefits, and helps people get the most meaning from their work. For the most part, if a company makes its employees feel valued and cared for, employees will be more likely to seek a job there and stay once hired.  

Workers Want to Work for Good Companies 

In the past, many people created much of their identity around their job titles and companies. Gen Z and Millennial workers prioritize their life outside work and maintain work/life balance in particular. Creating a culture where employees can detach from their jobs, leaving their work at the door, helps you attract and maintain top talent. Instead of forcing employees to answer work emails all evening and night, your organization allows them to maintain their interests. That may not always be possible, but a genuine effort to allow your employees to have a life outside of work goes a long way.  

Younger generations also prioritize mutual respect with leadership staff. Many people have had bosses yell demands and treat employees as though they have nothing much to offer the company, but that just won't cut it anymore for most people. Younger generations won't tolerate disrespectful and demeaning attitudes from leadership teams, especially when they can find other companies that provide better workplace cultures down the street.  

The truth about fostering an excellent workplace is that your organization will have an easier time finding and maintaining top talent in the field once the word gets out about how great it is to work at your organization. Smaller and medium-sized companies may need some help with this through effective marketing.  

How to Demonstrate Culture with Recruitment Ads 

It's essential to create an incredible company culture for many reasons. One of the most practical reasons is that great company culture can drastically reduce hiring and training costs by keeping employees around for the long haul. It also encourages employees to seek your company out instead of the other way around. Spreading the word about your company's culture can take some time, but you can speed up the process with effective recruitment ads.  

Recruitment ads highlighting your organization's values show how the company lives by them and how employees benefit from them. Beyond claiming your organization prioritizes employee growth, you must also demonstrate how your organization achieves that. Real-life examples are the most effective at getting your company's values across, especially when they include employee testimonials.  

Interview some of your employees and ask why they love working for your company. Their answers may surprise you and show you which aspects of your company to lean into further. You can feature these testimonials on your organization's social media pages or the recruitment page itself.  

Ready to Spread the Word About Your Company Culture? 

Continually improving your company's culture is one of the best ways to support your employees and increase productivity. It's also instrumental in making your recruitment strategy a well-oiled machine that you don't have to spend as many resources on maintaining. If you can create a positive work environment, word will eventually spread from current employees to friends and family, but some recruitment ads can kickstart that process too.  


Suzee Leavell

Written by Suzee Leavell

Suzee has been passionate about advertising and marketing for over 35 years. Every business is different; therefore, every advertising plan she creates is customized. She develops these marketing strategies by working to understand your customer’s buying cycle and your business goals. The most important part of the partnerships she develops is delivering measurable results.