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Partnering with Federated Media Means Working with a Culture of Innovation

When you partner with Federated Media, you're partnering with a company with a history and a culture of innovation. Starting as a small radio company, Federated Media is home to 12 radio stations and a top-notch digital marketing company in Northern Indiana.  

That growth and longevity stem from their bold embrace of evolving trends. From becoming one of the first broadcast companies to implement responsive web design for its sites to becoming the first broadcaster in the country to build Amazon Alexa skills, Federated Media is genuinely at the forefront of emerging broadcast, marketing, and digital developments.   

Federated Media's reputation established their tendency for: 

  • Embracing new trends 
  • Understanding the power of digital  
  • Having the backing of an entire team of marketing experts 

When you partner with Federated Media, you'll have the complete resources of an agency and platform at your disposal to exceed your strategic business and marketing goals. 

Embracing The New  

Looking at Federated Media's history, you'll see their bold embrace of change and risk predates the Internet era. In the Fifties, founder John F. Dille took over The Elkhart Truth newspaper, which included owning two radio stations. Federated Media owned the first cable provider, St. Joseph Valley Cable, by the Sixties. By the Nineties, they had expanded beyond Indiana to include radio stations in Ohio, Michigan, and Oklahoma. 

In the late Nineties, they divested from out-of-state radio holdings to hone their core Indiana audiences and customers. And they focused much of the next decade on expanding their footprint and broadcast offerings throughout northern Indiana. But seeing the massive potential of digital marketing early, they also launched Federated Digital Solutions (first as Federated Interactive), a digital marketing agency, which, combined with their radio holdings, allows them to offer businesses incredibly effective marketing opportunities.  

Over time, they've worked to establish and expand their voice in the Northern Indiana market, leveraging emerging technologies and capitalizing on new trends to reach their listening audiences and serve clients. This blueprint has been key to their success for seventy years and will continue to fuel their success in the decades to come.  

Understanding the Power of Digital 

Not only do their radio stations leverage podcasts, and a variety of digital technologies and tactics, to reach their listeners. But their organizational understanding of digital is continuously enriched by the marketing work they do on behalf of clients daily. 

When they launched Federated Digital Solutions more than ten years ago, they had a solid understanding of both the digital landscape at the time and some sense of its potential. But from the growth of local search to the mass adoption of social media, the evolution of digital marketing in the preceding period has outpaced everyone's forecasts. And to keep pace, they've been able to leverage their digital knowledge in the broadcast industry space and explore and learn from what works well with their clients.       

As the broadcast and marketing arenas have continued to evolve, they’ve continued to ground their organizational culture in experimentation and testing to identify what works and discard what doesn't. They leverage their broadcast platform to take risks and share their insights with their clients. And they embrace the risk of digital technologies because they know that when they find an approach that works, the rewards can be astronomical.  

Employing a Team of Marketing Experts  

Federated Media doesn't just specialize in radio or digital ads. Federated Digital Solutions is a full-service agency with a team of experts that handle tasks in-house. When a client needs a multi-channel integrated marketing communications strategy designed and executed to achieve its marketing and sales goals, their team has the expertise, experience, and resources to deliver. 

Given their size and history, they can handle most tasks in-house. If there's something they cannot do in-house, they subcontract to one of a small group of talented subcontractors whom they hold to the highest standards. they’re very protective of their brand, and they know you are too. So, they work diligently to ensure that all deliverables and services provided by Federated Media help you showcase your brand in the best possible light.  

Moreover, they’re well-versed in marketing metrics and can help you analyze your online data to determine areas of underperformance in existing campaigns to help you create more effective messaging mid-campaign to garner better results. Furthermore, they can take data from past campaigns and help you craft the messaging that will capture attention, attract consumers, and increase conversions.   

Partnering With Federated Media  

When you work with Federated Media, you're not just benefiting from a comprehensive broadcast platform with an established foothold in Indiana. You're getting the benefit of a team with the experience and resources that will help you strategize and implement cohesive marketing campaigns from end to end. And you're getting a full-service digital agency that will get you the marketing ROI you need. 

Their decades-long history informs their work of embracing innovation and leveraging emerging trends to achieve marketing success. Regardless of what strategic marketing or business goals you invest in, Federated Media has what you need to accomplish them.  

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Written by Federated Media