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How to Promote Your Podcast

Branded podcasts are growing in popularity and influence. Nielsen research shows that advertising revenues are on track to exceed $1 billion in 2021, and audiences are expected to double by 2023. Branded podcasts provide the opportunity to reach your target market and create regular opportunities for them to connect with your brand through a beloved medium. It portrays you as an expert, expands your brand awareness, and generates leads.

However, podcasts don't automatically come with a dedicated audience. Acquiring followers requires strategic, effective, and efficient promotion to let your target audience know about your show and what you have to offer. 

The good news is that there are multiple techniques you can leverage to raise awareness of your podcast and tell your potential listeners why they should tune in. Here are some things you can do to promote your podcast and gain a loyal following:

Submit to Multiple Podcast Directories

Podcast directories are a convenient way for listeners to find your branded podcast. You don’t have to add your podcast to every directory (as there are dozens). Instead, consider your target audience and which directories they are most likely to use. You can always submit to more directories as your podcast grows.

Some directories will upload anything from Apple Podcasts (formerly known as iTunes), but others need their own submission service, such as Spotify. Some of the most popular are:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Spotify
  • Google Podcasts
  • Stitcher
  • Pocket Casts

Use Your E-Mail List

Another option for promoting your branded podcast is to leverage your email list. Just as you would notify your customers of a big sale or a new blog post, you can let them know you have released a new episode of your podcast. Reach out directly to your customers with some compelling reasons why they should listen.

Turn Podcasts Into Blogs

Transcribing your podcast is a great way to make it more visible on search engines. You could transcribe your blog yourself, but there are several services that make it easy. Keep in mind that compelling audio can be overwhelming in text form, so you will need to edit it to make it easy to read. These transcriptions can also help your website grow traffic and search engine optimization. They can also be used to produce thought leadership content.

Invite Popular Guests

Featuring guests on your branded podcast can increase listenership.  Your guests will entice their followers to listen, which may turn them into fans of your show. Another advantage is that your guests may post about their experience on their own blog or social media accounts. Even if their followers don't listen, they'll know about your podcast, and it will gain credibility with their fans.

Capture Attention Immediately

Make a great first impression in each new podcast episode by grabbing the listener’s attention within the first 15 seconds. One way to capture attention immediately is to take the most enticing quote from the episode and start with it. Another way to create interest is to give a one or two-sentence summary for the value someone will gain if they listen to the full podcast. Always leave them wanting more and use a teaser to your advantage.

Ask for Reviews

Reviews are a critical aspect of marketing in general. Good reviews increase the legitimacy and visibility of your brand. Even the most successful podcasts will ask for a review at the end of each episode. That's because reviews drive your position in the podcast directory and provides social proof of your podcast’s worth. You can ask for rating and reviews on a specific directory like Apple Podcasts or lead them to your social media pages.

Release on Social Media

Notify your followers on social media that you have a new podcast episode. Post a link to the episode or a clip to tease the audience to listen to the full episode. Repurpose the episode into multiple posts that fit the social media platforms you’re on. You can expand your reach to new listeners with the strategic use of a hashtag or by mentioning your podcast on a comment thread about topics your podcast covers. You may even attract the attention of an influencer who may mention you, as well. 

Advertise on Another Podcast

Endorsements from other podcasters can boost downloads of your episodes to an audience that already listens to podcasts. Search podcast ad networks to find a podcast with an audience similar to the one you wish to target, even (and especially) if their subject matter is different. An influential mention to the right crowd can propel your podcast from obscurity to one that is heavily followed. 

Promote Your Branded Podcast 

Successful podcast promotion generates more than just brand awareness. Through tactics such as endorsements, podcasts build a loyal following that will be more open to your business’ offerings. That means an increased chance of leads and sales. Simply publishing episodes and making them available on podcast directories like Spotify isn’t enough. Make sure you’re promoting your podcast as much as possible to grow your audience of loyal listeners.

The Ultimate Guide To Podcast Advertising

Krystal Vivian

Written by Krystal Vivian

Krystal Vivian is the Director of Social Media and Content Marketing for Federated Media. She has more than 10 years of experience using written content, podcasts, and social media to help businesses build trust and deep relationships with their audiences. A former journalist turned digital marketer, Krystal is passionate about powerful storytelling and great user experiences. She believes in creating compelling content as part of an overall marketing strategy to drive measurable results for businesses.