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Traditional Marketing and How It Fits Into a Digital Space

With more than half of the world's population using the internet, digital marketing keeps gaining momentum. However, traditional channels can't be overlooked.

When incorporated into your digital campaign, traditional marketing can widen your outreach and get the message through quicker while boosting the campaign's ROI. But this only happens when there is an integrated marketing strategy.

An integrated marketing strategy involves using different channels to promote your products and services. To move prospects down the sales funnel, you need to offer them a seamless communication experience through all the suitable mediums from digital to traditional.

Outreach by Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing mediums like radio reach a target audience that isn't always in the digital space. It also reaches those who are online but are not exposed to your digital marketing efforts.

More than 90% of Americans listen to radio every week. Meanwhile, almost 60% listen every day. The advertising efforts used on radio can reach more than half of the country's population.

Radio ads can reach your target audience when they are less likely to be online such as during the commute to work.  In 2019, the average American consumer spent 102 minutes per day listening to the radio. In 2020, the numbers went up due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While radio is an excellent marketing channel, using it alone can't always achieve top results. By integrating this traditional marketing method into your digital campaign, you are expanding your outreach tremendously.

Issues with Non-Integrated Traditional Marketing

Non-integrated traditional marketing has been around for centuries. The main issue with this type of marketing is the reduced amount of touchpoints with the consumer.

When you interact with a prospect online, you can offer a variety of options to share contact information, make a purchase, or sign up for a newsletter. 

With non-integrated traditional marketing, the process isn't that simple. Generally, you give your phone number and wait for a call. In the 21st century, when the consumer is constantly pressed for time, picking up a phone and making a call is a luxury they may not have. However, they are likely to have the necessary time to give away their email.

Multiple Channel Strategies

The importance of using multiple touchpoints to achieve top marketing results is hard to ignore. According to Aspect Software survey, companies that use several channels achieve 91% better customer retention rates per year compared to businesses that don't.

Today, consumers expect interaction via multiple touchpoints before they decide to convert. While one touchpoint can work, it's rarely sufficient.

Advantages of Integrated Marketing

By integrating traditional marketing into your digital marketing strategy, you are fueling up your campaign.

  • A radio ad can send consumers to the digital space where it's easier to employ more touchpoints and use Google retargeting options.
  • A traditional ad can focus on brand awareness while leaving the rest of the work to digital channels.
  • A radio ad can drive a listener to sign up for social media accounts or visit a website.

Integrated marketing uses the best of both worlds — the outreach of traditional channels coupled with the driving marketing force behind digital mediums.

Once your prospects move to the digital space, it's much easier to collect contact information. Email addresses are easier to share than phone numbers and physical addresses that a traditional ad may request.

By using traditional marketing channels in tandem with a tactic like email marketing, you can achieve impressive results. When employed correctly, email marketing can offer a 4200% ROI

Integrated Marketing Works

Traditional marketing channels allow you to reach the target audience beyond the digital space. Meanwhile, the digital space makes it easier to turn prospects into leads.

Just because the power of digital marketing is unquestionable, it doesn't mean it should be the only weapon in your arsenal. Integrated marketing allows you to utilize all interaction methods with your potential clients while moving them down the sales funnel.

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