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Why All OTT Ads are NOT Created Equal

With their rising popularity amongst advertisers, it’s crucial to remember streaming and over-the-top (OTT) service advertising is not a linear extension of standard television. Although it encompasses some of the most important features of standard television of reach and content consumption preference, and it's hyper-targeted and stocked with data analytics capabilities. 

Here's a brief overview of what you need to know. More specifically, why all OTT videos are NOT created equal.  

The Benefits of Advertising on OTT 

First and foremost, OTT ads provide rich analytics information to learn more about your customers and develop insights for future campaigns. Not only can you use existing data to segment your audience to display messages that better fit their wants/needs, but you can gather data during campaigns to ensure you're delivering messages at the right time and only as needed. That means significantly less ad annoyance and ad burnout.  

Furthermore, OTT ads allow you to reach a dedicated audience because ads cannot be skipped, are typically shorter, and are highly targeted. Even better, more than half (60%) of streamers prefer to watch ads if it means paying less for streaming. That means they're also more open to hearing your messages. 

Work with a Specialized Media Partner 

OTT services are too often treated as a linear extension of TV, but this is a mistake. Looking at OTT from this perspective misses out on the richness of the data you receive from advertising on these platforms and makes your ads less targeted towards the people interested in your services. 

A specialized media partner can help you improve your ROI by making the most of this information and growing your customer base accordingly. This includes accessing: 

  • More insight into best practices for different OTT videos 
  • Expert advice and guidance at every turn 
  • The latest OTT trends and strategies (OTT is constantly evolving), and more!  

Want to Learn More About the Difference in OTT? 

A lot goes into creating and delivering effective OTT ads. While they're much more efficient at reaching and resonating with specific audiences than traditional TV, they can also be a bit more challenging to execute. To learn more about the differences in OTT, check out this blog from our in-house digital agency, Federated Digital Solutions.  

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Written by Federated Media