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Why Podcast Advertising Is More Valuable Than Ever

Podcast listening is at an all-time high as of 2024, with almost 100 million Americans (age 12 and older) listening to podcasts on a weekly basis. 

Thanks to The Infinite Dial, the longest running digital media consumer behavior survey in America, we have this information to share (along with a whole lot more). 

Podcasting On The Rise

In 2006, only 22% of Americans were familiar with podcasting. Now, that number is up to 84%

Since just last year, every measure (overall, monthly, and weekly) of podcast listening has increased. As more and more people understand podcasts and the diversity of topics and hosts available, the more they become interested in this medium.

Imagine finding something that caters exactly to your interests and, even better, there’s a way to listen to it while you go about your day. That’s exactly what podcasts do and why they continue to grow in popularity! 

While men still make up the majority of the podcast audience (with 48% to women’s 45%), that gap should soon close. With the influx of women-centered podcasts hitting the scene, trends show that an increasing number of women will be interested and, therefore, take over the majority. So, keep an eye on that for next year, ladies. 

Once someone starts listening to a podcast they enjoy, they quickly become a super fan. Loyal listeners are the core audience, those who look forward to new episodes as they release each week. These superfans are invaluable for podcasters because they look to their favorite media before they look to anything else for information and/or inspiration.

Moreover, the power of endorsement from a podcast host should never be underestimated. Superfans are more likely to buy from brands associated with their favorite podcasts because the advertisement is coming from a voice they know and trust. 

Smart Devices Driving Listenership

The majority of podcast listening happens on smart devices – usually a smart phone or smart speaker.

You probably don’t need us to tell you that smart devices have taken the world by storm. As of 2024, 93% of the United States population ages 12 and up own a smart device of some kind, whether it’s a phone, speaker, TV, etc. Just five years ago, in 2019, that amount was at 85%. 

Out of the 98 million people who own smart speakers, most of them have three or more in their home. And while smart speakers are notably popular with 98 million owners, the radio number is even higher. 

About 172 million Americans have radios in their homes — almost twice as many as those who have smart speakers in their home. Many people prefer a live, local medium — and we can’t blame them!

Audio In Your Everyday Life

People aren’t just listening to the radio in their homes either. AM/FM radio still comes out on top for audio listened to in the car, too. It’s accessible, habitual, and just plain enjoyable, so rest assured that advertising on the radio is a successful tactic that won’t fade from the mainstream anytime soon. 

Americans love many forms of audio, and especially AM/FM radio and podcasting.

If you want to learn more about how to reach dedicated listeners and incorporate radio or podcasting into your marketing plan, Federated Media is here for you!

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Written by Federated Media