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Why You Need A Dedicated Social Media Manager

In the early days of social media marketing, many business owners simply added that responsibility to their existing marketing team. However, doing so failed to account for what role social media would come to have as a marketing tool. Having an adequate presence on social media allows you to build your online presence, engage with customers, and keep them informed of updates, while also leveraging your clientele to promote your services.

Put simply, social media management has grown into a complex, nuanced, and full-time task. The requirements of running your social media campaign are specific enough that after a certain level, you cannot rely on your marketing manager to run it entirely themselves.

What is a Marketing Manager?

Marketing managers oversee the full scope of a company’s marketing process, whether they’re developing ads or designing packaging. Their role is to look at the big picture and design broad strategies to grow the company, then see these plans through. That includes conducting market research and creating strategies based on budget constraints. Often, and especially for small companies, they also are the main point of contact for the company’s public relations.

What is a Social Media Manager?

Social media managers have a much more narrow focus, as their responsibility is to handle content on the company’s social media channels. Their daily tasks include generating content on social pages, responding to customers in the comments, A/B testing posts, and managing the content calendar.

A well-conducted social media presence will help your company grow by creating a direct channel for your customers to contact you. Social media managers have a variety of skills, whether it’s understanding platform compliance to designing graphics for posts to establish your plan. Most of all, they need to be able to concisely portray the people behind your company to reassure customers that you are a unique entity.

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