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Why You Shouldn't Wait for a Season to Market Your Business

Some businesses that offer significant seasonal opportunities for their customers wait until that season arrives before they start advertising. Whether they have a much larger summer business or focus on bringing people in around the holidays, they amp up their marketing efforts as the busy season arrives. The reality is that businesses often see more results when they continue to advertise year-round, rather than waiting for a specific season. 

Consider the NBA. The season doesn't start until November and runs through mid-April. However, they focus on providing quality Instagram content and offering gear to fans year-round. As a result, interested fans retain awareness--and they're even more excited about the upcoming season. 

There's Always Something to Advertise

Your business always has something to advertise, even during seasons that aren’t as busy. Here are several advertising ideas for any season: 

Brand awareness campaigns. Share what your business is doing and what consumers would want to know about your brand. When you keep your brand in front of your target audience, you are raising brand awareness keeping your business top-of-mind.  

Promotions. Your business may offer sales or deals during your off-season, but your customers can’t take advantage of those sales if they don't know about them. If your customers associate you with a specific season, take this opportunity to bring in revenue when your consumers might not be thinking of doing business with you at this time. 

Contests. Your customers will get excited about the prizes you have to offer, regardless of the time of year. The contests help keep your audience engaged as you raise brand awareness. Contests are also a great way to build an email database of individuals who give you permission to market to all year long.

Business news and updates. What's going on with your business? Many of those changes often occur during your less-busy seasons, and it's important to keep your customers updated. Customers should be made aware of any operational changes to how they'd typically interact with your business.

No matter season, there’s always something for you to market that will help keep your business top-of-mind with your customers. 

You Can Always Reach More People

There are always people out there who aren’t familiar with your business. Those consumers might be interested in your business and what it has to offer. You can reach potential new customers at any time and start building a relationship with them, whether it's your favored season or not. 

Try new platforms, channels, stations, etc. Use your less-busy seasons to try out a new marketing strategy and see how you can expand your reach. Consider your target demographic and new locations where they might be found. A potential customer could tune in at any time and hear your ad on the radio. There are many opportunities to introduce your business to prospective customers that you haven’t in the past. 

People's lives and needs change constantly. Even if a potential customer doesn't need you at the time they hear your ad, there might come a time when they will need you. Your ads are starting or continuing a dialogue with consumers, which shows how you're ready to help them and meet their needs. They might not have those needs right now, but the more they see your ads, the more familiar they will become with your business.

It's Never a Bad Time to Increase Brand Awareness

Even if you don't have a specific campaign to run around a promotion or event, branding is still important to your business. You should always strive to spread brand awareness and keep your business top-of-mind with your customers. By marketing your brand consistently, you will have a better chance of a consumer coming to you when a need arises that your business can fill. These branding efforts can help introduce your brand to new prospects, as well as stay engaged with your current customers. 

Keeps a Steady Momentum

Your continued marketing efforts will help maintain the momentum you've built over time. The seasonal or promotion-based campaigns generate a lot of buzz for your business, but consistent marketing creates longevity and a strong brand presence. When you continuously advertise, you will see more consistency from consumers. 

Continuous marketing will help increase the success of your advertising efforts. Your consistency helps to maintain your momentum and helps bring in new customers regardless of the season. Doing this will help you see steady growth as you expand your business. Instead of waiting for a season, craft a message that will engage your audience at any time.

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Written by Federated Media