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6 Marketing Tactics That Pair Well With Radio

Being well-rounded is a great trait, in life and in advertising – namely within your campaigns that rely on radio commercials

Mixing and matching marketing campaigns when you create radio ads will achieve the best results because, instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, you’re diversifying your efforts and reaching a wider audience. 

If this sounds like a good plan, let’s discuss a few ideas that can bolster your radio commercials and make your advertising hit harder. 

Display Ads

Radio commercials provide a lot of information, but that information comes at listeners fast. If you enhance your radio commercials with display ads, people have all the info that they need right in front of them – and it’s not going anywhere. 

Display ads grab the attention of people online who are in a business’s target audience. Your ads are delivered to people whose online habits show they are in need of your business’s products or services. 

Display ads keep your product top of mind for the listener. If they see it online after hearing about it on the radio, their attention is right with you as they move further through the consumer journey. Whenever they’re ready to make a purchase, your business is more likely to be the first they think of. 


Maybe your business has decided to sponsor a radio contest. If that’s the case, then your brand, logo, and presence will be at the forefront of people’s minds when they participate – or when they hear about the contest. People love participating in radio contests, so if your business is what made it happen, that will put you at an advantage in listeners’ minds. 

If you’re not ready to sponsor a contest, you can always up your ad presence during the contest’s air time. It’s likely that more people than usual will be tuning in to hear about the contest so, by extension, your ad will reach more listeners who might not have heard it during a daypart that didn’t include the contest. 

Video and OTT/CTV

Radio and video are two powerful mediums that can reach a large audience. So, when they’re used together, they’re especially effective. Radio reaches 92% of adults on a weekly basis, and, in 2023, people watched on average 17 hours per week of video content. Combine both and you’re reaching an extremely wide audience of potential customers. 

Radio creates awareness of a product or service, and video provides the information that seals the deal for the customer. This is especially true when your video ad is delivered through OTT/CTV. 

OTT/CTV ads are delivered to people on platforms like Roku TV and through apps like Peacock and Pluto TV – reaching those who are watching TV without a traditional cable or satellite subscription

With this type of advertising, your audience is automatically engaged because you have the opportunity to target specific demographics, income levels, and interests. These types of ads can also offer interactive features that can’t be accomplished with traditional TV ads. 

Text and Email Clubs

Text and email clubs allow you to keep a steady line of communication with your audience. That, combined with radio ads, makes sure they never miss a beat. 

When you combine text messaging and emailing, you increase customer engagement without being intrusive or annoying. For example, you might advertise an event with a radio commercial first, then send emails and text messages participants in your text/email club about it a few days after. Once the event gets closer, you’ll send out a follow-up email and text to make sure they’ve got it on their calendars. 

What’s more, text and email clubs are permission-based, so participants have already shown an interest in what you’re advertising, making further engagement (and a return on your investment) all the more likely.

Social Media

Facebook and Instagram offer paid advertising opportunities that, when paired with radio commercials, are highly effective. People are more likely to buy a product from an ad on social media after hearing about it on the radio.

Radio commercials can also encourage people to head over to your social media, which allows them to learn more about what you offer and spend time connecting with your brand.

Search Engines

Radio commercials offer high reach at a low cost, and search engine marketing drives high numbers regarding website traffic. Pairing these two makes for an effective way to reach a wide audience without spending too much money doing so.

In fact, radio drives search. An RAB study looking at the impact of radio on online activities found that radio commercials generate an average 29% lift in online search activity. When consumers hear a compelling radio ad for a product or service they need, they will search for the advertising business online to get more information. 

At Federated Media, we use an attribution tool called Rumple that tracks search activity for a business for 30 minutes after each time their radio ad airs. This powerful tool shows how radio is driving search for our advertisers throughout the day.

Go Further With Radio

Radio commercials are a powerful form of advertising, but they drive even more results when included in your multimedia marketing campaigns. To figure out a strategy that combines your radio commercials with one (or more) of these tactics, just reach out to Federated Media. We’ll create a custom multimedia plan to help your business reach your marketing goals!

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Written by Federated Media