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6 Teams That Work On Your Federated Media Ad Campaigns

When you partner with Federated Media, rest assured that you’re in good hands. The reason we’re so thorough with the work that we do is because far more than just one team handles your ad campaigns – in fact, there are six teams of people who work together to ensure your campaign is executed swiftly and expertly. 

But who exactly are these teams? Let us introduce you to our crew of rockstars and let you in on just what they do here. 

Account Managers

At Federated Media, every ad campaign begins and ends with your account manager. This is the person who you should be communicating with the most — or even exclusively — about all of your advertising. They understand your business and your goals and work to bring you campaign ideas that will help you achieve those goals.

Account managers wear many hats. Not only are they your point of contact, they also brainstorm to create your campaigns and coordinate with the other teams to ensure your campaign is set up and executed correctly. Many account managers may also write commercial scripts for your radio ad. 

With a sales manager as their supervisor, you can depend on them to always do quality work. Your ad campaigns, with top-tier composition, will reach the right people.


The production team are the brains behind the production of the ads for your contest! They work closely with the account managers in order to get to know you and your business. That way, they have what they need to create the best possible version of your ad. 

From start to finish, the production team has a hand in your radio commercial. They may help with writing the script. If you’re voicing your own ad, they’ll help you with the recording to ensure the audio sounds great.

Once the ad is recorded, they’ll produce it — that is to say, edit the audio and add in music or sound effects to create the finished ad. 

On-Air Talent

Many business owners or marketing managers don’t want to voice their own commercials, for a variety of reasons. That’s where our on-air talent come in. These personalities do what they do best; they’ll voice your ad and bring it to life! 

Having familiar, on-air talent reading your ad can be very beneficial for your business. Listeners already know (and love) that voice and personality. They’re also excellent voice performers — they can act out a scripted scene or alter their voice to match the tone of your commercial.

Our on-air talent works with the production team to make sure your ad sounds perfect and the message is dialed in.

Content Team

If your campaign at Federated Media involves a contest, survey, quiz or poll, that part of the campaign will be created by a member of our content team.

In addition to creating the piece of content itself, the content team works with your account manager to put together data questions so your business can collect valuable first-party data from everyone who enters the contest or takes the quiz.

The content team also creates and sends emails, text messages and social media ads to invite people to participate in your contest, survey, quiz or poll. They may also set up bounceback emails or drip campaigns to keep your audience engaged throughout the duration of the campaign.

While the campaign is running, they’ll make sure you’re getting leads so you can reach out to prospective customers quickly. 

When the campaign is over, the content team builds a report that gives you all of the data on the contest and shares that valuable first-party data with you so you can use it for future marketing.

Graphic Designers

Even though your contest is being pushed to the masses on the radio, that doesn’t mean you don’t need visuals. Visuals do some heavy lifting when it comes to supporting your contest and spreading the word. Remember those emails and social media ads we talked about that the content team sends out? Well, in order to catch as much attention as possible, the content team needs graphics. And who better to create graphics than our designers?

Our graphic designers are masters in creating artful visuals that prompt people to engage and interact with the contest. They incorporate the feel of your business, along with your tone and branding, and put together graphics that make sense for you.

Blog Team

Blogs do more than drive people to your website – they also solidify you as the expert in your field. When people go searching for information, you want your blogs to be what they find. 

At Federated Media, our blog team is a talented group of writers with diverse backgrounds who are passionate about helping businesses connect with their audience. Your writer (you’ll always have the same one for as long as you partner with us) gets to know your business on a deep level; that understanding of who you are and what you do allows your writer to write blog posts as if they are you – an expert in the field. 

We also have editors on our blog team. Your blog posts won’t go live until they’re scanned over by, at the very least, two pairs of eyes at Federated Media, and then sent to you for approval.

You’re in Good Hands

At Federated Media, we like to keep things as streamlined as possible. That’s why you only have to keep up communication with one person even though you have a whole slew of professionals working on your ads. 

Each person working on your ad, on their own respective team, is a master of their craft. They put only their best foot forward, at all times, to deliver the best results for you and your business. 

We collaborate to make sure your advertising campaigns work. If you’re ready to create a campaign that elevates your business and helps you stand out from the crowd, reach out to us to get started today!

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Written by Federated Media