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7 Ways To Use AI To Improve Your Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made incredible advancements lately that could make marketing a whole lot more successful (and a whole lot easier). 

AI doesn’t have to be something you shy away from. Instead, learn how to embrace it. Speed, efficiency, and personalization are huge in today’s world of marketing, and AI can make those things happen for your business. 

When to Use AI 

There are a number of ways in which AI can be used to improve your marketing. AI is capable of many things, from learning customer behaviors, collecting data, analyzing information, and much more. 

Here are a few instances where you can use AI to enhance your marketing efforts:

To Improve Your Customers’ Experience 

If there’s one thing you should concentrate on, it’s the customer experience. When a visitor has a good experience with your ad, they’re that much likelier to be converted into a lead. 

Our program FDS Local streamlines the customer experience. It uses AI to homogenize your business’s presence across each and every digital platform, ensuring that customers don’t receive conflicting information when they look you up. Since your digital presence means everything for your business (it is your first impression, after all), FDS Local is an irreplaceable asset. 

To Enhance Personalization

Think about your own shopping behaviors. You’re probably more likely to purchase something (or at least investigate it further) if it has a personal touch. The same can be said for most customers! AI can personalize a customer’s experience depending on their online behaviors, using dynamic content like the user’s name, occupation, etc. to show them personalized social media posts, emails, and web pages. 

To Aid in SEO

AI is hugely helpful when it comes to optimizing content for a search engine. AI algorithms do the work in analyzing website traffic, and they can also identify commonly searched keywords that aid in tracking competitor activity and can help your result rank higher for relevant searches. 

Through AI, you’ll learn your customers’ preferences and serve them an experience that is tailored to them specifically. 

To Boost Content Generation

Humans are very creative. But, there will always be days where humans run into writer’s block and they could use some help getting into a creative flow. When you've run dry of ideas, utilize AI to come up with social media post ideas, captions, and email subject lines. If you’re in the blog-writing sphere, you can use AI to help you brainstorm topics, too. 

While AI-generated content typically isn’t ready for immediate publication, it provides a great springboard for human creatives when they’re trying to find some inspiration. Take advantage of it! 

To Utilize Chatbots

Chatbots are a great way to humanize a customer’s shopping experience. Using Natural Language Processing, chatbots can solve simple problems for customers, answer common questions, and nurture leads. A chatbot comes in very handy when a customer is consuming the most marketing content in their journey

To Assist in Data Analysis

Sifting through data is a time-consuming task – for a human. Not for AI, though. AI can collect and parse through an exorbitant amount of data from numerous marketing campaigns and summarize it all in a concise, logical manner. 

AI can also predict outcomes for campaigns by using data from the past, like consumer engagement metrics, purchases, how much time a customer spent on each page, email open stats, and more. 

To Send Out Automated Emails

Automated email marketing campaigns aren’t new by any means, but using AI can help them feel new. AI can learn your email list behaviors and, with that information, create more engaging email content to entice your customers.

Making the Most Out of AI

AI can be intimidating, but we encourage you to see it as a friend instead of a foe. Allow AI to bolster your marketing efforts and make your business the best that it can be. 

As always, Federated Media is here to help. Reach out to us to learn more about AI and all that it can do for you! 

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Written by Federated Media