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How To Build Your SMS Marketing Strategy

Also known as text message marketing, SMS marketing (AKA “short message service”) is one of the most effective ways to engage with your customers. Since 97% of Americans own a mobile phone, it allows you to reach your audience wherever they are. 

SMS messages are typically read right when they’re sent, which makes them extra useful for time-sensitive things like promotions or order updates. Let’s discuss how to use this direct line you have with your customers wisely and implement best practices for your SMS marketing strategy

When You Send SMS Messages, Remember These Tips

The effectiveness of your SMS strategy depends heavily on abiding by the preferences and privacy of your customers. Here’s how you can do just that: 

Get Consent

Text messages are regulated by the FTC, and staying compliant with the FTC’s rules is very important for businesses. The FTC requires a double opt-in for all text club members, meaning consumers must confirm twice that they want to receive marketing messages from a business. Customers can do this through a subscription code, sign-up form, or another clear method of your choice. They just need to be aware of what they’re saying yes to — twice. 

Make Opting Out Easy

There’s nothing more annoying to a customer than being inundated with text messages they’re no longer interested in. While making it hard to opt out of texts may keep your contact list robust, a robust list is useless if it’s full of customers who no longer want to hear from you. Make it easy for users to opt out simply by replying STOP when they receive a message. Include this language in messages often.

Introduce Yourself Quickly

These days, people are wary about receiving texts from a number they don’t have saved – and they are well within their rights to feel that way! To avoid getting blocked, introduce your brand right off the bat, and follow that up with an irresistible offer.

You don’t just want to introduce yourself once. Make sure that in every text message you said, it’s clear who the message is from. 

Keep It Short And Sweet


Your message should contain the main offer, your CTA, and any critically relevant information. Trim your messages down to the bare bones (while still putting across your point) to make sure they’re actually getting read through. If you’re sending a link, use the landing page as space to include more details for your offer.

Send Valuable Content


People are less likely to opt out when you send valuable content on a reasonable basis; not too frequently, but at a rate that makes sense for your audience’s preferences. 


Valuable content includes personalized messaging, whether that’s addressing the recipient by name or sending them deals related to their past purchasing behaviors – the messages should make them feel seen and valued by your brand. 

Building Your SMS Marketing Strategy


Now that you have a good understanding of best practices, let’s go over a few pillars to center your strategy around

Send Welcome Messages


When a customer subscribes to your SMS marketing campaign or text club, shoot them a welcome text to let them know that you appreciate them joining. Not only will this welcome them in, it lets them know that their subscription went through and it allows you to start the conversation with them right off the bat. 


Pro tip: sending a “welcome” discount code is never a bad idea. 


Make Your Text Club A VIP Program


Humans love to feel part of an exclusive group. It’s just the way we’re wired. You can make your customers who’ve opted into texts feel special by offering them text-only discounts and deals for the “VIP program” that they’re now included in. Promote the VIP program on your social media and on your website and you’ll notice more and more customers signing up. 

Announce New Releases


When you have something new going on at your business, one of the best ways to spread the word is through SMS messaging. You can use this method to re-engage customers you haven’t heard from in a while, and to ramp up the excitement of your audience as a whole. Include a link that leads right to your website to ensure that people who want to check out your new product can do so seamlessly. 

Promote Your Events


A successful event relies on people being excited for it. You can amp up that excitement by sending out text messages that include the date, time, and location of your event along with a CTA to buy tickets, and details about what they should expect.

Provide Customer Service


If you run a business that relies on mobile service, like a delivery driver or a plumber, customer service through SMS messaging can be a lifesaver. Instead of making a call, your customers can get in touch with you via text, making communication quick, easy, and on-the-fly. 

Get Feedback


Customer feedback can help your business improve in a big way, and one of the quickest and easiest ways to get it is by sending out a link to a survey in a text message. Keep the survey short and direct, or otherwise offer an incentive (such as the chance to win a prize) for filling out the survey. This is also a great opportunity to capture more first party data about your audience.

Putting SMS Marketing To Good Use


Most of your customers are most active on their phones. By reaching them there, you increase your chances for engagement — not to mention staying top of mind!


At Federated Media, we can develop, build, and manage a text club for your business. We’ll schedule your texts, keep you FTC-compliant, and fine-tune your strategy to be the best it can be. Simply reach out to us to get started today!

Written by Federated Media